Rather than melting in the summer heat, enjoy one—or ALL—of these fan-favorite summer drinks.

A friend and I were just talking about the heat and how we break a sweat while indoors ... not to mention being outside. Though we still want to enjoy the summer fun with our kiddos (young or not-so-young). And one of the best ways to beat the heat is with a refreshing beverage in hand.

Watermelon Slushy (Pinterest)

You'll need three things: a blender, some watermelon, and a lime. (For those who often forget to put the blender lid on before blending, you'll want to grab a drop cloth, too.) This is a great recipe for kids to jump in and help create. Using a safety knife, kids can cut the watermelon into chunks. They can also try to squeeze the juice out of the lime. With supervision, kids can push buttons on the blender.

Peach Shake (Chick-fil-A)

If you're not a kitchen DIYer, that's okay. Just head over to your local Chick-fil-A for this treat. For a limited time, Chick-fil-A has its famous and delicious Peach Milkshake on the menu. For. The. Reals. This tastes like summertime in a cup. 

"This delicious hand-spun Milkshake combines the Chick-fil-A Icedream® dessert with peaches and is topped with whipped cream and a cherry*. ~Chick-fil-A

Sparkling Ice Slushies (Pinterest)

These are super simple and super fun! All you need is shaved (or crushed) ice and a few of your favorite Sparkling Ice beverages. Let your kids mix and match flavors and create their own concoctions. The tingly carbonation tickles as you swallow. And your kids will love choosing from flavors like grape raspberry, black cherry, black raspberry, pomegranate blueberry, fruit punch, and pineapple coconut.

Ocean Water (Sonic)

Another drive-thru favorite is the Ocean Water at Sonic. No need to make a mess at home when you can let the team at Sonic create your treats for you. Sonic ice is a favorite in and of itself, but I suggest the coconutty treat. Ocean Water is a blend of Sprite (or Sprite ZERO) and a splash of coconut flavoring. It's refreshing. It's delicious. Your kids will love that their tongues turn a little blue, too.

And remember, half-priced drinks are available all the time (not just happy hour) when using the Sonic app.

High-Quality H2O (Available anywhere!)

You knew this had to make the list! Noting beats the hydration benefits of water. Take an insulated water bottle with ice and water with you throughout your day. You can also infuse fruit, vegetables, and mint flavors by adding crushed strawberries, lemon, cucumber, or any summertime fruits, vegetables, and plants.

If you're looking for some boozy summer drinks for yourself after you get your kids set up, check these out, here.

How do you beat the heat? What drink would you add to this list?