We tried them! A family of four chimes in to review the wraps with fresh ingredients. 

Not sure about you, but we still have leftover turkey in the freezer. Turkey soup? Turkey casserole? Turkey sandwiches? Typical leftover meals just didn't seem to cut it, so we tried something new.

And, we're still working off the extra calories after eating a huge Thanksgiving meal two weeks ago. I looked for a quick recipe using fresh ingredients that didn't tip our scales.

And here's what I found:

We tried them, and we loved them! I left the mint out of the salad and sauce. One of our family members is opposed to everything mint. I also substituted dried oregano for the fresh oregano (and added 1 t. of the dried oregano). I'm sure you could use rotisserie chicken in place of turkey (for when you run out of Thanksgiving turkey leftovers).

Husband: "They were delicious but messy. They worked better as a salad than a wrap."

High School Boy: "They don't need the lettuce. But it was a delicious couscous salad with that sauce."

Middle School Boy: "I liked them. They were really good with great flavor. Honestly, I liked it better without the lettuce."

Me: "I ended up reading and re-reading the recipe quite a few times to be sure I had the multiple ingredients and components (filling, salad, sauce) straight. The instructions were clear. I made a salad instead of a wrap right away. I think Boston lettuce leaves are small for wraps. The flavor was fantastic, and I welcomed a lighter meal. There weren't many leftovers after we all indulged." 

Have you tried Mediterranean Lettuce Wraps? Tell us what your family thought in the comments below.