May is Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month. Let's celebrate!

Here at the OCN, we've compiled our "Best of" all-things Asian to celebrate AAPI Heritage month! We've collected our best recipes (food & cocktails), "foodie" stops, and entertainment all in one easy go-to list. Cheonman-eyo! (You're welcome!)

Recipes (hacks & fast food for those who don't cook):

Goi Cuon (Fresh Vietnamese spring rolls)

Khao Poon (Lao Curry noodle soup)

Ramen Hack

Shake Shack

Cocktails (of course):

Sake Recipes

Asian 101 (tours & food intros):

Thai Food

How to Convince Your S.O. to Love Sushi

Korea Town

How Is Sake Made?

National Bubble Tea Day

Entertainment (movies, books & comic strips) 

Soles of a Survivor: A Memoir

Liberty Meadows



Celebrating all-things Asian isn't reserved for just the month of May, but if you haven't started already now is the best time to start!

Let us know in the comments how you've celebrated AAPI month.