To help you get ready for your holiday meal, we've gathered the ultimate list of tasty recipes for an all-American celebration.

The 4th of July is right around the corner and it's the perfect excuse to pig out, all while celebrating our freedom. Classic eats, like burgers, grilled corn, potato salad, corn dogs, pasta salad coleslaw, and all those delicious red, white, and blue desserts, make this one of our favorite holidays for cooking.

Here are some of the most delicious all-American recipes we can find to take that 4th of July BBQ to the next level. Some are old-time classics, others add a new twist, but all are delicious and have us getting that holiday menu ready to go!


 burger and fries

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Burgers tend to take the lead, as far as main dishes on this favorite holiday, and there are a lot of different takes on what makes a great burger. Whether you like your burger in a one-pound patty or a mini slider, a good burger pretty much makes the meal.

The foodie site Delish gives us this recipe for the Best Ever Burger, with directions on what beef to buy and how to form that perfect patty. This recipe for Burger’n Fries Foil Packs is a clever play on the classic and perfect for a camping trip cookout, as well. 

Take that basic burger to the next level with bleu cheese, bacon, avocado, jalapeno, mushrooms, chile, or anything else you fancy. Good Housekeeping gives the classic burger a twist with this BBQ chicken and Cheddar Burger recipe, a tasty option for those looking for something a little different.

Hot Dogs

hot dogs on a grill

Image by BHarner30 from Pixabay 

Next in line is the all-time favorite: the humble hot dog. Some like it in a bun with ketchup, others take this simple meal to the next level. Delish gives us this super simple yet drool-worthy take with the Fried Cheese Hot Dog. Adding bacon to that dog is one surefire hit, as is the classic ‘Grilled Chicago’ style dog. Check out this dessert dog, a Churro Dog from Rachael Ray Every Day. Another classic favorite the chili-dog or chili-cheese Coney, as it is sometimes referred to, makes the list of favorites as well.

Put that hot dog on a skewer and dip it in batter and you have another 4th of July favorite, the corn dog. Done the right way, this fried treat will tempt just about anyone. Check out Delish’s recipe for the perfect one right here.


bbq ribs

Image by Robert-Owen-Wahl from Pixabay 

BBQ ribs find their way to many 4th of July tables. Delish gives us this recipe for the perfect St. Louis Style Ribs, and this one is for oven-baked ribs. If you want something grilled, take a look at this recipe from Food & Wine for Grilled Short Ribs with Smoky Blackberry Barbecue sauce.

Barbecue Chicken

bbq chicken, barbecue chicken

Image courtesy of Pixabay.

An all-time 4th classic, what can we say about barbecue chicken other than "more, please," and "pass the napkins." From the drumsticks to the wings, this one is a favorite for many, and we can't wait to get some. This recipe from Delish has honey and lime juice in the sauce, as well as a little bit of hot sauce for that sweet and spicy mix. 

Moving from the main dishes into the sides, there are some old standbys that we look for every 4th of July that help make that barbecue one we remember until next year.


grilled corn

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Grilled corn is one of those cookouts treats you never knew you loved so much. You can top this classic with just about anything; your standard butter, salt, or maybe try this Cheddar Bacon Ranch Corn, courtesy of Delish. Taking that grilled corn and mixing it into a salad, salsa, or soup is also a fine way to enjoy the rustic flavor of freshly grilled corn.

Potato Salad

potato salad

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Potato Salad is a standby for the 4th of July, everyone seems to have their own favorite special family recipe. Delish has potato salad in its top 25 recipes for the 4th of July, and we totally agree.

Pasta Salad

pasta salad

Image courtesy of Pixabay. 

Pasta salad is one of those dishes that can be a meal all by itself, and everyone has their own favorite recipe. Whether it is a hearty concoction with lots of meat and veggies or a simple and light accompaniment to your grilled protein, this dish is one of our all the time favorites. This Chicken Caesar Pasta Salad and Tuscan Tortellini Salad look delicious and are sure to please your guests.

Classic Kabobs

shish kebab

Image courtesy of Pixabay. 

Kabobs are fun and make our list of top classic American eats for the 4th of July, and, of course, Delish agrees and gives us this spin on the dish with these Chicken, Bacon, Ranch Skewers.

Kabobs often go the way of steak, peppers, onions, mushrooms, artichokes, tomatoes, chicken, seafood, sausage, and much more. A fun way to keep your guests involved is a DIY skewer station, let them load up what they want, save yourself the prep work, and focus on the grilling!

Dessert Kabobs

The dessert kabob is one of the tastiest and best-looking ways to get that red, white, and blue on your holiday table. Strawberries, cherries, and grapes, paired pound cake, angel’s food cake, marshmallow, or shortcake, then blueberries, chocolate, yogurt, or vanilla drizzle make for a great finish to your cookout. Delish put a kid-friendly spin on the classic with a Banana Split Kebab recipe.

banana split kabob

Image courtesy of ZAK Designs.

Strawberry Shortcake

strawberry shortcake

Image courtesy of Pixabay. 

Strawberry Shortcake is a classic that can be taken to the next level. For example, this Strawberry Shortcake no-churn ice cream is a cool twist on the classic 4th of July dessert.

Did we mention your favorite 4th of July tasty treat or dish? Let us know how we did, and share your favorite recipes in the comments below!