Let’s set the scene- It’s time for your Saturday night in.

You light a fire, all the candles in the house to set the mood, slip into your pajama set, put on your favorite movie, pour yourself a glass of wine and scoop yourself some ice cream.You are fully prepared to couch surf your way through the night. But what if you could turn two of those steps into one and enjoy some red wine ice cream? After all, we all want to make sure our nights in are as easy and relaxed as possible.

Red Wine Ice Cream is the perfect treat for a night in. Red Wine Ice Cream Food bloggers Jessica Pinney and Janette Staub took it into their own hands to make this dream treat a reality! “Jesus may have turned water into wine, but I turned wine into ice cream!,” the two exclaimed on the blog.

By using Merlot and vanilla bean for flavoring, they described the taste as “creamy and sweet at first, but then you get the tang from the wine.” But they didn’t just stop there- they decided to take the red wine ice cream to the next level by making into a Wine Ice Cream Sundae. Topping the ice cream with vanilla bean whipped cream, spiced red wine syrup, and lavender almonds. Red Wine Ice Cream These girls have us sold. Marking our calendars now for Wine cream night in!  Note: Pairs well with glass of red wine… in this case double fisting is necessary.

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