Relive everything special about your Thanksgiving meal. Put that leftover turkey to good use in these mouth-watering recipes.

After such a grand Thanksgiving meal, you may be reluctant to eat more turkey right away. The great news is leftover turkey keeps well for months in the freezer. I divide the leftover turkey into quart-sized storage bags that are designed for the freezer. Be sure to write the date and contents on the outside of the bag to help identify the contents once frozen.

Few things beat a leftover turkey sandwich on white bread. Keep a bit of leftover turkey in the refrigerator for such a craving in the days following Thanksgiving.

You can also create a leftover Thanksgiving sandwich. Place turkey, dressing, and cranberry salad on a sandwich and grill it on a panini press.

Leftover turkey can easily be defrosted, chopped into smaller chunks, and heated with your favorite barbeque sauce for BBQ Turkey Sandwiches. Add red onions and dill pickles to your sandwiches.

With winter quickly approaching, soup can hit the spot. Add chopped leftover turkey to a wild rice soup. I like to use Bear Creek Creamy Wild Rice Soup Mix. The mix is super easy and only requires water to make. Saute 1/2 cup of chopped onion with chopped turkey and add to the soup mix while simmering.

Take this time to be creative. Substitute leftover turkey in recipes calling for cooked chicken. Add various ingredients that you enjoy to leftover turkey and create a new soup recipe. Wanting even more recipes? Check out this quick search on Pinterest:

Or, I substitute leftover turkey for these recipes that call for cooked chicken. Using leftover turkey saves a step of cooking the meat as you're preparing the meal. Add a can of mild green chilis to spice things up, or a bit of cream cheese to cool things down.

What is your favorite way to use leftover turkey? Tell us in the comments below.