TikTok trend revolutionizes the handheld tortilla grilled sandwich.

Turn any fillings you want into a handheld masterpiece by simply cutting into your tortilla and folding the four quadrants onto one another—creating endless possibilities for your next meal. 

The classic quesadilla is fiddly at best. Trying to wrangle shredded cheese and flipping without making a mess ... who needs it? This new way of using tortillas lets you double your toppings and fold it all up into an easier to cook and eat package. Even if you don't feel like toasting it in a pan or press, this is a good way to conceptualize your cold wraps too.

The vegan and vegetarian options are infinite, with basic avocado, tomato, and sprouts to exotic Middle Eastern combinations.

You can even use this trick with nori to make the quickest, biggest California roll you've ever had. P.S. I just did this with nori, rice, fried SPAM® and eggs for an incredible breakfast.

Feel like pizza? There's a hack for that too! Could that kid be any cuter?


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Last but certainly not least, you could use this trick to create a killer dessert with fruit, Nutella®, and a dash of imagination. 


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For more inspiration, type #tortillatrend on TikTok or Instagram. And don't forget to grab a package of tortillas next time you're at the store!

Have you tried the tortilla trend yet? What are some of your favorite combinations? Let us know in the comments!