Calling all potato fans! (Yes, we exist, and yes, we forgive you, Taco Bell.)

Have you ever played that game where you list potato dishes from least favorite to most favorite? No? Just me? (S/O to my SO, hashbrowns.) Well, either way, potato fans are in luck, because TikTokker Zach Hayes (@zhthot) has introduced a new take on our favorite starch—the potato cake. Hayes opens his video explaining, "I looked all over the internet for a potato cake and couldn't find one, so I decided to make one." He admits, "I didn't look that hard." 


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His time-lapse video of the process has gone viral, with over half a million likes and nearly 8,000 comments. The comments run the gamut from useful suggestions to astonishment to, frankly, horror:

"French fry candles" (@aolani_crochet) 

"Omg the possibilities. Cheese, bacon, chives, sour cream" (honestly, you're right, though @fannycreates) 

"This level of creativity is both frightening and exciting." (@b0ysdntcry69)

"oh you unlocked the potato." (@chefkevskitchen)

"this feels wrong to watch." (@jillsejd) 

"how dare you." (@smellslikenerdvana)

But how to make this "evolution" of the potato dish, as Hayes calls it? Follow this vague recipe however you please! Hayes narrates in his video:

"I baked some potatoes and then I made mashed potatoes and then I just layered it ... I put the mashed potatoes between each layer, and then I did it tall enough just to look like an actual cake ... I put it in the fridge overnight ... then I put mashed potatoes in a piping bag and started to ice it throughout the cake to make it look all professional. I made some tater tots and potato wedges and put them on the top, and then I made some hashbrowns that I could break it apart and then layer it at the side of the cake. After that, I decided to put it back in the oven because it was cold and I don't like cold potatoes, so then when I took it out it was super warm and toasty and my house smelled like hashbrowns. So then when I cut into it, it was surprisingly soft."

Long story short? Potatoes + potatoes + potatoes + potatoes +potatoes = potatoes.

He summarizes, iconically: "Oh frickin lord, it tasted like potatoes. Yep, potatoes."

And he wants you to make it yourself! "I recommend. I love it, I love you. Eat it, please. I don't want to make this for no reason." 

Are you disgusted or delighted? Has Hayes bravely broken into a new frontier, or has he crossed a line he never should have? Let us know what you think—and if you make it, tell us if it does, indeed, taste "like potatoes. Yep, potatoes."