Celebrate National Cheesecake Day with a slice at these local bakeries!

National Cheesecake Day falls on July 30, and it's got us thinking about the rich dessert. There's just so much to love about cheesecake. It's silky in texture, it's indulgent, and it comes in virtually every flavor. Plus it just feels fancy, especially when you order it with coffee at a restaurant.

Maryland has so many great bakeries, but we managed to narrow down our favorite spots offering the gourmet treat (The Cheesecake Factory not included) that you can get right now. Dessert lovers will wanna snag a slice—or an entire cake—to celebrate the occasion.


Fenwick Bakery

We adore old-school bakeries for a classic cheesecake, and this Baltimore institution has spent over 100 years perfecting their craft. Their cheesecake is among the many offerings ranging from cakes and cookies to Italian pastries, and their simplicity is where they shine. Grab a plain cheesecake for just $8.50 or add fruit for a dollar extra. They're always changing things up, too—Visitors can try variants including chocolate marble, peanut butter swirl, and a hybrid of their crumb cake and cheesecake from week to week. In the words of their website: "We put the GOOD in baked goods!"

Address: 7219 Harford Road, Baltimore


Sweetz Cheesecake

Sweetz began wholesale in 1989 before opening their own store, and they're one of the best in the business. Their menu touches on so many flavors: classics like Chocolate and Key Lime coexist alongside fun twists like Mango Crunch and Chocolate Chip Kahlua (pure bliss). Their specialty is cheesecake, but you'll also find cookies, cakes, and vegan/gluten-free treats on their menu. Cakes are available in whole and half-sizes, along with by-the-slice if you want to enjoy a small indulgence. You can even find them making the rounds with "That Cheesecake Truck" in D.C. and Montgomery County for delicious desserts on-the-go!

Address: 8367 Snouffer School Road, Gaithersburg


Japong Bakery

If you're tired of New York Cheesecake, prepare to have your taste buds blown away with Japong Bakery. This Japanese-style "cotton cheesecake" uses egg whites to create an airy, mousse-like texture that's unlike any other cheesecake we've ever tasted. Their Chocolate and Matcha Cheesecake is available by the slice for $4.99 or $13.99 a whole cake, and their deluxe fruit varieties go for $20.

One customer noted, "The cheesecake is light and airy, packed with flavor, and just perfectly sweet," which is just the way we like it. These unique treats are available for takeout and just a click away when you order online.

Address: 785 Rockville Pike Unit I, Rockville

**All photos courtesy of Facebook

We want to hear it from you: what's your favorite cheesecake in Maryland? Is it from a place on our list, or somewhere else? Let us know in the comments!