Add these top Colorado restaurants to your foodie bucket list ASAP. 

On February 18, Yelp released its "Top 100 Places to Eat in 2021" list, and four Colorado restaurants made the cut. The highest-ranking at number 25 was Pho Haus, located in Denver. Latke Love in Littleton, Denver's Esters Neighborhood Pub, and Lucky Noodles also made the list. 

Yelp curates the list each year from community feedback. Last December, the review-based website asked people to share their favorite restaurants. The resulting list is a culmination of suggestions that thousands in the Yelp community provided. 

Be sure to add these delicious restaurants to your Colorado restaurant list: 

Pho Haus

Located at 540 East Alameda Drive, the Pho Haus serves up traditional and modern Vietnamese dishes. The restaurant has 4.5 stars and 437 reviews on Yelp. One of their top dishes is a pho burrito ("phorrito"), a burrito filled with all the pho ingredients with broth on the side. 

A pho burrito held up in front of the Pho Haus storefrotn.
The famous "phorrito" (Courtesy of Pho Haus - Facebook)

Latke Love

Located at 699 West Littleton Boulevard in Littleton, Latke Love cooks up three popular Eastern European dishes: knishes, blintzes, and (of course) latkes. The restaurant has 4.5 stars and 175 reviews on Yelp. Reviewers loved the Oy Vey Caliente dish: four potato pancakes topped with spicy pork Hatch green chile, cheddar cheese, and an egg. 

A Latke Love dish. (Courtesy of Latke Love - Facebook)

Esters Neighborhood Pub

Esters Neighborhood Pub (1950 South Holly Street) garnered 4.5 stars from 716 reviews on Yelp. The pub-style restaurant boasts a neighborhood, local feel and serves classic pub eats, including nachos, pizza, and beer. The housemade pizzas feature unique ingredients, like the Prince Caspian (garlic olive oil, mozzarella, gorgonzola, figs, caramelized onions, prosciutto, arugula, and parmesan). 

Some delicious dishes at Esters Neighborhood Pub. (Courtesy of Esters Denver - Facebook)

Lucky Noodles

Lucky Noodles (1201 East Colfax Avenue, Suite 102) may not be at the top of the list, but it's still a tasty spot to fill your tummy. The restaurant has 4.5 stars from 89 Yelp reviews. The restaurant specializes in noodle dishes ranging in spiciness, but reviewers also loved their desserts. Choose from a suite of flavors to add in a "Thai ice cream bun." Some come with sticky rice, mango, or other tasty treats. 

The Lucky Noodles outdoor patio (Courtesy of Lucky Noodles Denver. - Facebook)

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Have you tried any of these four Colorado restaurants? Did Yelp miss your favorite place to grab a meal? Let us know in the comments.