The Yelp "Top 100 Places to Eat in 2021" offers plenty of spots to check out this year.

Recently Yelp asked users what was the place "they could not wait to return to" and, after thousands of submissions, released their eighth annual "Top 100" list based on reviews, the volume of submissions, and the number of ratings. Making the list were four restaurants in the DMV, all of which are relatively close together so, you could technically hit up all of these spots in a matter of days (or make a four-course road trip out of it in one).

Highest on the list, um, lowest—you know what I mean; the No. 4 spot goes to D.C. eatery Heat Da Spot Café. Located on Georgia Ave NW., Heat Da Spot is a family-owned Ethiopian coffee shop that serves breakfast all day, lunch, dinner, and plenty of espresso drinks and smoothies. The Cafe has outdoor seating, carry out, and offers delivery through Grubhub.  

In Centreville, Virginia ranking 39 on the list is Manna Bistro & Bakery—an Ethiopian and Spanish-inspired restaurant and bakery. They boast dishes for vegans and meat-lovers alike. Located in Centreville Crest Shopping Center, Manna Bistro offers a pretty extensive menu and now has online ordering and delivery available through DoorDash.  

In Baltimore, Maryland, Vietnamese restaurant Pho Bac takes the Number 56 spot. They're located on Potomac Street and are "dedicated to bringing authentic Vietnamese cuisine to the Baltimore community." Pho Bac also promises that Mama Trang makes everything—she must be a busy lady! Online orders are also available.

Coming in at Number 83 is another D.C. establishment, ABC Pony. Taking inspiration from the late '80s and early '90s pop culture, ABC Pony "is an all-day eatery serving a menu that explores the intersectionality between Italian and Asian cuisines."  You can pick up your food at 21st Street SE, or order it online. The website describes itself as "something fun" and there's a drawing of a pony that winks at you. So, yeah, looks fun! Oh, and the food looks good too!

And, just in case you were wondering, the No. 1 restaurant named on the "Top 100" list isn't all that far away either. Kelley Farm Kitchen is in Harper's Ferry, West Virginia, and has a huge online following. Kelley Farm Kitchen is 100% vegan and gluten-free and has some delicious-looking food. Established in 2018, the shop has been going strong, impressing the public with its vegan eats and as a stop along the Appalachian Trail.  

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Bummed that your favorite spot didn't make the list? Do you plan to be ordering from one of the "Top 100" places?  Let us know in the comments.