Stake your claim on Denver and claim your steak.

Denver has it all. A scenic mountain backdrop that sits idly behind towering skyscrapers holding the energy of a thriving nightlife and ever-evolving food culture. The variety, ingenuity, and uniqueness of this city's food culture is a novelty we often take for granted.

But at the heart of this growing culture, is a timeless tradition that is slapped on the grill and left for varying amounts of time. Some have sworn off the succulent savory cuts of steak. Some have said goodbye to the beautiful, bone-in bovine. Though, for those of us here in Denver who hold onto Sam Elliott's words of wisdom like a verse from the bible, this is where to go. That is, of course, if you're saying to yourself, "Beef. It's what's for dinner." 


Multiple locations

Elway's, Steak, Fine Dining, Denver

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With three locations in prime hot spots in Denver, Elway's always lives up to a name that is ubiquitous with Denver. John Elway is not just the greatest quarterback who ever lived (non-biased opinion), he is also the face of a litany of businesses and establishments around Colorado. One of the more popular and well-renowned is his steakhouses. With locations in Cherry Creek, the Ritz Carlton, and Denver International Airport, the steaks are as good as the locations and ambiance of these three eateries. Elway's 35 ingredient signature rub, seasons any cut to perfection with a peppery, and garlic-hinted spice that doesn't overpower the USDA centerpiece will have your mouth watering as you think about the Broncos' glory days. Whether you're flying in from out of town, exploring Denver's stellar metropolis, or treating yourself in Cherry Creek, Elway's is a can't-miss opportunity for great steak.

Citizen Rail

1899 16th St. Mall, Denver, CO 80202

Tomahawk, Steak, Denver, Citizen Rail

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Citizen Rail's interior decor is centered around a wood-fired grill that is the culminating aspect of the restaurant's space, kitchen, and much of the menu. Located next to Union Station, this American contemporary eatery brings specialty cocktails to life with well-paired fine dining. Chef Christian Graves brings a focus to the meat and, after all, that's why we're all here, right? Some of the cuts served at Citizen Rail are aged for up to a year and if you're looking to go big (which is why you're not at home eating Campbell's tomato soup), you have to go for the Tomahawk. A bone-in 48-ounce cut that looks as intimidating as it does divine. 

Rodizio Grill

1801 Wynkoop St., Denver, CO 80202

Rhodizio Grill, Meat, Brazilian Steakhouse

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If we're here to talk meats, let's talk unlimited meats. Because what's better than a 48-ounce Tomahawk? Unlimited ounce variety! Rodizio Grill is a Brazilian-style steakhouse that offers all you can eat meats at a reasonable price (around $38) and brings as much variety as it does quantity. The tri-tip and top-sirloin cannot be beaten, but the more exotic selections, like chicken hearts and exotic sausages, are fun and just as delicious. Hurry in – July is bacon month – and let's be honest, the only thing better than a good cut of meat is a good cut of meat wrapped in bacon. Dine tactfully, friends, as they also have a salad bar and sides, but keep your eyes on the prize and save stomach space for the real deal. A place that is as fun to dine at as it is delicious, Rodizio Grill is a must for a unique dining experience, with enough meat for even the most auspicious carnivores. 

Shanahan's Steakhouse

5085 S. Syracuse St., Denver, CO, 80237

Shanahan's, Steak, Fine Dining, Denver

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Let's not forget another Broncos hero as we plunder through the myriad of meats that Denver brings to the table. Mike Shanahan led Elway and the Broncos to back-to-back Super Bowls and he also joined Elway in bringing Denver some of the best cuts of cow this fine city has to offer. With the museum-like exterior presentation to the European glass laden interior, Shanahan's decor is as fanciful and exciting as its menu. The specialty cut is a 36-ounce Wagyu beef Tomahawk that melts in the mouth. With a wide array of beer and wine pairings, this upscale eatery is the perfect date night (or if you're reading this article and are pure of heart, the perfect place to shamelessly devour a perfect piece of meat).

Are there any other steakhouses in the Denver area that we missed on our list? Sound off in the comments below.