Wine and dine the best steak that Colorado Springs has to offer!

There are times, inexplicable by logic or science, where suddenly and without warning, you just need to get your hands on a juicy piece of steak. And a glass of red wine, because one should not go without the other. Luckily, if you live in Colorado Springs or are visiting the area, there are plenty of restaurants that offer the kind of steak dinner that will have you reminiscing about it for months to come.

Whether you are looking for a classic steak and potato, a side of lobster tail if you're feeling fancy, or if you're feeling experimental, here are the six best steakhouses in The Springs (in no particular order).

The Rabbit Hole

101 N. Tejon St., Colorado Springs


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If you are looking for an out-of-this-world food experience, then you have to go down the rabbit hole like Alice did to find Wonderland. The underground restaurant, which is a well-kept secret by locals, serves New American experimental cuisine. They offer creative bites like bacon-wrapped rabbit meatloaf but they don't shy away from a classic steak dinner ... times two. The Chef's Butcher Block for Two will surely leave any meat lover full and satisfied.

The Peppertree Restaurant

888 W. Moreno, Colorado Springs

The Peppertree

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For a flare of performance and stunning panoramic views, you should make a reservation at The Peppertree Restaurant. The staff is committed to giving its guests a memorable experience by offering impeccable service and table-side preparation of their best steak meals. It's the perfect place for a fancy night out, accompanied by tuxedo-clad waiters and a beautiful view of downtown Colorado Springs. Their pepper steak is one of their specialties, seasoned with cracked pepper, mango chutney and flamed with French brandy right before serving it.

Bonny and Read Fresh Steak and Seafood

101 N. Tejon St., Ste 102, Colorado Springs

Bonny and Read Reastaurant

Courtesy of Bonny & Read (Facebook)

For an upscale version of "surf and turf," pay a visit to Bonny and Read. Named after the infamous female pirates, Anne Bonny and Mary Read, this restaurant is not about a simple meal—it's an experience. They strive to serve the freshest seafood and products in a unique, colorful and bold environment. For a perfect blend of steak and seafood, order their Filet Bonny Style, which is accompanied by Maryland blue crab and a hollandaise sauce.

Carlos' Bistro

1025 S. 21st St., Colorado Springs

Carlo's Bistro

Courtesy of Carlos' Bistro (Facebook) by Amanda Spurlock

The family-owned bistro was named in 2016 by Zagat as one of the "Top 3 Restaurants in the State of Colorado." It is considered by locals as a staple dining experience of The Springs. The owners, Carlos and Marcia, opened the doors to the restaurant back in 2004 after years of dreaming of owning their own restaurant. Their steak selection is mouth-watering. From Filet Mignon Stroganogg to a Bone-in Prime Ribeye, you can be sure your steak will be cooked to perfection.

Famous Steak House

31 N. Tejon St., Colorado Springs

Famous Steakhouse

Courtesy of Famous Steakhouse (Facebook)

The name says it all, really. The Famous Steakhouse, located in the center of downtown Colorado Springs, offers an elegant and classic dining experience. Sip on one of their creative cocktails, like a Bourbon Brulée 14 with caramelized orange, while you wait for your fancy steak dinner. You can order a signature steak, like a 16-ounce New York Strip, or something bolder, like an American Wagyu Flatiron Steak. If you are feeling particularly ravenous, there is the All-Colorado All-Natural Bone-In 18-ounce "Cowboy" Ribeye. (Sharing is optional.)

Cowboy Star Restaurant and Butcher Shop

5198 N Nevada Ave., #150, Colorado Springs

Cowboy Star

Courtesy of Cowboy Star (Facebook)

This is a restaurant John Wayne would be proud of. Combining American Cuisine with western vibes, Cowboy Star offers a cozy, neighborhood dining and some darn good steaks. Hand cut and straight from the butcher shop, guests can count on tender and fresh pieces of steak. From their daily cuts straight from Snake River Farms to their bison steaks, there is something for everyone at Cowboy Star.

Do you know of any other fantastic steakhouses in Colorado Springs? Let us know in the comments!