Join Game Train for Music Bingo + Trivia, January 16!

The pandemic has been challenging to say the least for everyone from individuals to businesses. Restaurants, in particular, have taken a hit, as they are coming up on a year of restricted operations and limiting regulations.

Game Train USA, located in Highlands Ranch, has been no exception. Featuring one of the more unique and flat-out fun restaurant concepts in the Denver area, Game Train creators Jo Ellen and Kevin Christian created a paradise for game lovers and train enthusiasts alike. The restaurant and bar houses a huge (400+) library of most any game under the sun, as well as train simulations that give patrons the opportunity to travel along the Pacific Coast, visit the Redwood National Park, stop by Sonoma Wine Country, and journey through our very own Rocky Mountains. It opened about a year before the pandemic hit, and was a popular place for families and even solo diners to enjoy games they have never played before in the unique, train-themed setting.

train simulation
Catch a tasty meal, and challenge friends with a unique game, all while traveling through a variety of simulated routes. Courtesy of Hennessy Photography Co./Game Train USA.

"Game Train’s mission has always been to help people laugh, talk, and play games at the table. Guests’ laughter and enjoyment of just being together is music to my ears. People have come to Game Train to propose to a special someone, enjoy office team building, for all kinds of parties, and to celebrate life’s events. This is what we are known for," said Jo Ellen.

And then COVID-19 came along, and the once social hot spot was no longer able to welcome patrons. Interestingly, with the pandemic came a resurgence of people discovering board games, card games, and family togetherness to help pass time while we socially isolate. Game Train was there to help. 

"When COVID hit, we have done everything we can think of to support people’s needs to socialize in ways they feel safe. We have offered curbside movies, trivia, bingo, and even curbside karaoke. We have offered games to rent out, and take out and delivery of food and beverages," said Jo Ellen. Game Train also offered its extensive collections of games for purchase, helping families take the fun home. 

Your Destination: In-Person Dining and Entertainment

With restrictions easing, the restaurant is more than ready to welcome patrons to have a good time within its train car digs!

As Governor Polis moved previously red-designated counties back to orange on the COVID-19 scale, restaurants are now able to open up to more customers for dine-in. Game Train, however, was among the restaurants that were awarded 5-star status to open up for 25 percent capacity prior to the governor's order. It achieved this rating because of it's dedication to maintaining a sanitary, socially distanced dining space for its patrons, as it continues to do day in and day out. 

"We disinfect commonly touched areas every two hours, thoroughly clean at least two times a week on off-hours, monitor health and temp check all employees. Reservations are taken for all guests with contact info. We have private rooms available for people with high-risk factors, guests and staff wear masks when not eating or drinking. We maintain table and social distancing requirements. Hand sanitizer is available for guests," said Jo Ellen. "We also sanitize games, and as an extra precaution, have added an overnight hold between game uses."

Starting January 4, fans of fun can once again get a ticket to ride the Game Train in person! Stop by for a tasty meal or cocktail and play an old favorite or something entirely new. In addition, the business will be offering craft coffee service mid-January, so guests can enjoy a delightful espresso in one of the simulated train cars. 

game room
Game Train has several rooms and "train cars" to meet social-distancing needs. Courtesy of Hennessy Photography Co./Game Train USA.

If you prefer to stay home, Game Train has you covered! From hundreds of retail board games and puzzles for sale to carry out of food and drink (either directly from the restaurant or through DoorDash), you can make a night of it, Game-Train style, in your own home. Grab a craft coffee while you wait for your order!

Next Stop: Music Bingo + Trivia on January 16

Game Train is looking forward to providing some extra fun for guests in the coming months. This spring, when the weather gets a little more pleasant, the restaurant plans to host outdoor movie screenings. 

But you don't have to wait to get in on the excitement. On January 16, Game Train will host Music Bingo + Trivia! Two rounds of fun and prizes, including board games, free drinks, and more, as well as food and drink, are on tap. Reservations are limited to ensure COVID-19 regulations are reserved, and you must RSVP by January 13. 

"As restrictions ease, we look forward to resuming our escape room dinners, team building, special events, new coffee enthusiasts, Dungeons and Dragons adult and kids groups, and most of all, the joy and laughter our guests bring to Game Train," Jo Ellen says. 

To learn more about Game Train USA and it's many games, events, and train simulations, please visit its website or follow its Facebook page. Let us know what your favorite board game is by sharing it in the comments.