Craving a melt in your mouth crabcake or a slice of piping hot pizza? Let Box Hill Crabcakes (a.k.a. Box Hill Pizzeria) cook up a meal that hits the spot each and every time.

The reviews don’t lie, and neither do my taste buds. The unassuming pizzeria located in Abingdon, Maryland, is not just a place to get amazing pizza. They also have THE best crabcakes around. The 8-ounce cakes are made from the freshest blue crab meat. Since freshness is a top priority, crabs are delivered to the restaurant for preparation no more than 24 hours after being caught.

crab meat

After being seasoned, steamed, and picked, the lump crabmeat is made into the most heavenly crabcakes around. Broiled or fried, as a sandwich platter or on its own, the taste is one to be experienced for yourself. The restaurant also prides itself on minimal filling, seasoned with herbs and spices, enough to hold the cake together but not overpower the taste of the crab. We’ve all had that crabcake experience where you bite in and can’t really tell if you’re eating a biscuit or some sort of "seafood cake." Well, not at this place! The first thing you notice when you bite in is the warm, juicy, perfectly seasoned crabmeat.


I try to make it out there several times a year, and when I do, all I have is one crabcake—broiled and served on top of a cracker (to absorb the moisture and prevent the crabcake from getting soggy on the bottom). I’m seriously considering a bumper sticker that reads: “Will travel for crabcakes!”

For all the foodies out there already wondering what drink goes best with crabcakes, we’ve got you covered. The pizzeria has its very own blog, where they post timely articles about all things food-related. Their “Best Drinks to Pair with Crab Cakes This Spring and Summer” made my day by recommending the Mojito as a great alternative to beer and wine as a companion to their crab delicacies. The perfect summer drink now complements the perfect Maryland food!

Not a crabcake fan? Have no fear. Their pizzas will make you forget all the other chains you’ve been frequenting. These are REAL pies for REAL pizza lovers. We recently ordered a 12-inch deluxe pizza that was loaded to the brim with all the goodies: meat sauce, pepperoni, sausage, ham, green peppers, onion, black olives, ham, anchovies, etc. Are you hungry yet? Literally every topping they have GOES! You can customize each pizza as well, and add or remove toppings.  


Box Hill has been making their crabcakes, pizzas, and other yummy dishes for over 25 years. Practice makes perfect, and I’m pretty sure they've mastered the art of making the “World’s Best Crabcake”—so go try for yourself.

For those too far from their restaurant, please do not feel left out: You can have these crabcakes shipped right to your door. You can order here. They come in packs of four, six, eight, or 10, and they even have gluten-free versions.

With a family-friendly vibe and food that is the best for miles, you won’t regret a trip out to Harford County for this hidden gem. Let us know if you’ve ever been to Box Hill Pizzeria and what your favorite meal is in the comments below! Bon Appétit!