Burger conveyer belts—say WHAT!?

Burger King is done with 2020 and ready to enter 2021 in style. They’re already rolling out some futuristic tech and new restaurant designs that will help us forget all about our 2020 woes.

The new concept was created by Restaurant Brand International’s design group and includes curbside delivery, burger conveyer belts, and pick-up lockers. Each of these new futuristic ideas will make it easier for you to roll right on to a Burger King and grab your favorite Whopper.

One of the new concepts allows burger fanatics the ability to pick up their Whopper at several pick-up lockers and take the burger to-go. Another design that targets urban areas involves a triple drive-thru with a suspended kitchen where Burger King teammates will send food to cars through a conveyer belt.

Pick-Up Food Lockers at Burger King

Courtesy of Burger King

The Burger King blueprints also bring the fast-food chain closer to its competition by allowing customers to place their orders via the Burger King app. To start these orders, customers would park their car in a "drive-in area" located under solar-powered canopies. They would then place their order on the app by scanning a QR code located at their parking spot and a Burger King team member would deliver the order directly to the customer's car.

Solar-Powered Dining Spot

Courtesy of Burger King

Many of the new Burger King sites will also feature renovated drive-thrus with two or three lanes for a faster experience. Some locations will even have a designated motorcycle lane and a dedicated spot for curbside pick-ups. If you're heading to Burger King on foot or on a bike, there will also be a separate "walk-up" area where pedestrians can order take-out at an outdoor window. Restaurants will even have an outdoor patio area where you can eat your fresh meals. 

Drive Thru Lanes at Burger King

Courtesy of Burger King

Restaurant Brands International's head of design described the concepts as "the restaurant of tomorrow," saying they built the new concepts "like we had a blank sheet of paper, designing without preconceived notions of how a Burger King restaurant should look." The new sites will be 60 percent smaller than a normal Burger King, conserving energy and focusing on sustainability. The company plans to start building these new restaurants next year in Miami, Latin America, and the Caribbean.

Are you hyped about the new Burger King concepts? Will you be testing out the burger conveyer belt? Let us know in the comments!