This coffeehouse in The 757 has a little bit of everything: bagels, burritos, a bar, and more!

Deep in the labyrinth of downtown Norfolk, near the campus of Old Dominion University, there sits a beautiful little coffee shop called Borjo. If one walks down Monarch Way in the summer, the inviting aroma of locally roasted coffee beans will scoop you up and carry you through the door of Borjo like magic. It is a safe haven to locals, coffee lovers, college students, and families alike.

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This little shop does not limit itself to coffee; they also serve tea, food, alcohol, and breakfast burritos, and they host events and poetry nights. By day, Borjo is filled to the brim with freelance writers, grad students working on dissertations, and coffee lovers scrambling to get their favorite fix. The staff keeps the customers happy with a menu that covers a variety of flavors – from Thai cuisine to milkshakes and smoothies, vegan options, and fraternity-worthy diets. They serve all the hungry happily. Learn more about upcoming events and the Borjo community here.

Around 2016, Borjo partnered with the popular Hampton Roads restaurant chain of Taste Unlimited. They also opened a second Borjo location inside a Taste in Ghent. This was a long time coming since the current owners of both Borjo and Taste not only grew up together, but both found their love of the restaurant business together. The owner and the staff of Borjo made it their mission to make their customers feel like family, even with the next step of partnering with a bigger chain.

When I asked a loyal Borjo customer what they thought, they had nothing but positive things to say:

"The people there are really nice – they always ask for my name when I order, but they know me so well they don't have to call out my drink anymore. They just bring me my order striaght to my table. There is an amazing ambiance, and the food is fantastic! My personal favorite is the Monarch Way sandwich. The cafe is small enough to not feel lost but also big enough for group study sessions for ODU students to cram for big tests, which is a big plus."

Monarch Way sandwich and menu

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So, onto my review of the menu!

I tried the Monarch Way – especially after this customer raved about it so excitedly. I must say, it is one of the best things I have ever eaten. I hope my mom isn't reading this, but it was just as good (if not, better) than home cooking. This fabled Monarch Way is a piece of flatbread with avocado, tomato, cheddar, a secret aioli sauce, turkey, and bacon. They grill the flatbread and fold it all up like a taco, so it already looks like a winner. They serve it with chips and a pickle. On top of all this mouth-watering goodness, it is only $8.50!

Let's do the math. The Monarch Way is the most expensive sandwich of the restaurant, so two people with two Monarch Ways makes it out to $17 plus tax, and drinks are not too much more. That's under $20 for two people. I would call that cheap eats!

Borjo Coffeehouse is located at 4416 Monarch Way, Norfolk, VA 23508. To learn more about their story and browse their menus, visit their website here.

What other restaurants in the 757 please your tummy and your wallet? Have you been a patron of Borjo Coffeehouse? Did you like it as much as we did? Let us know in the comments.