Kampai! (Empty the glass!)

The title says it all: here are five of our favorite sushi restaurants in Denver. While this list might be subjective, we challenge anyone who disagrees to try all of these restaurants first. Worst case scenario, proving us wrong means trying five different interpretations of seriously amazing sushi. 

Warning: Get ready to read the word sushi a lot. Like, a whole lot. It's written a total of 22 times in this article and it stops looking like a real word after a while. 


Courtesy of Uchi

Uchi is pretty far from being a 'traditional' sushi restaurant, but the menu is amazing enough that we're not about to complain. This restaurant elevates sushi to a form of fusion high-dining, meaning that an insane amount of care and consideration goes into every bite. You can taste the difference. Just be prepared to spend a few bucks—the price of their sushi matches its sky-high quality. 

Hapa Sushi

Courtesy of Hapa Sushi

If you're looking for "conventional" sushi with clean, grandma-friendly names, then Hapa probably won't be your first pick. Rolls at Hapa aren't just small portions of fish and rice: they're full events. This includes some amazing culinary madness like the "Booty Call Roll," which features an entire freaking lobster tail. Other highlights include the Foreplay Roll, Orgasm Roll, and XXX Roll. Get ready to blush when you place your order. 

Sushi Train

Courtesy of Sushi Train

It's got a little train set that runs around the whole restaurant! That's all you need to know!

Sushi Train lives up to the "sushi" part of its name just as well as it lives up to the "train" part. All of their roles are fresh, high-quality takes on Japanese classics. In addition to an awesome menu lineup, they also have one of the best "all you can eat" deals in Denver.


Courtesy of Domo

Domo serves sushi the traditional way. As in, the way it would have been eaten during the Edo period in historical Japan. There aren't any other sushi restaurants in Denver that offer a chance to partake in some classic 1600s dining, so it's worth checking out Domo at least once if you're looking to maintain some real sushi cred. Classic Edo sushi is significantly different from modern sushi, but the flavors, presentation, and overall atmosphere are top-notch. 

Blue Sushi Sake Grill

Courtesy of Blue

Nestled right off 16th street in Downtown Denver, Blue Sushi Sake Grill is exactly what it says on the sign. If you're looking to discover some new favorite cuts of sushi, then this is the perfect place to do it. Although Blue has some awesome entrees, the best dining experience comes from ordering as much maki, nigiri, and sashimi as you can stomach before grazing on it as a group. 

What are some of your favorite sushi restaurants in Denver? Sound off in the comments.