Tis' the year for craft beer!

If there's one thing that we can all agree on in 2020, it's a love of craft beer. Craft beer sales surged during the spring, and our collective appetite for it has increased since then. After all, if you're going to be trapped at home sipping beer while watching your neighbors descend into madness over toilet paper stockpiles, you might as well enjoy your beverage! 

Craft beer drinkers around Denver should recognize Dry Dock Brewing, an Aurora-based brewery that's made a lot of positive impressions with their lineup of fascinating beers. It seems like they're winning a new award every time we write about them, and for a good reason; their beer is seriously awesome. Dry Dock's menu is a combination of classic craft beer flavors done expertly along with imaginative new combinations of flavors and ingredients. If you haven't looked at their seasonal menu, make sure to try their new fall seasonal, Sour Cranberry; it's one of our many, many favorites.

Dry Dock is celebrating its 15th anniversary this year, making the brewery officially old enough to get a Learner's Permit! To celebrate, Dry Dock is hosting two events that are a beer lover's dream come true. 

If you've ever wondered how the magic happens, then you've got a great chance to learn! Starting October 21, guests can take a tour of Dry Dock by sampling some of their iconic beers, collect stamps for an Anniversary Tour Guide book, and win some awesome prizes in the process. Of course, no beer tour would be complete without beer and guests can celebrate 15 years of Dry Dock history by sampling 15 different beers along the way! Tickets are already available, and the Captain's Bundle option comes with some awesome extras! 

No anniversary would be complete without an anniversary dinner, and Dry Dock's is no exception. Guests can RSVP for a special 15th Anniversary Beer Dinner with Dry Dock's owners! This socially distanced even is a celebration of Dry Dock's history, along with a glimpse into their future, all paired with a select choice of food and beers! This five-course meal features delicious signature dishes from the chefs of Brightmarten Restaurant and Bar, each paired with a select Dry Dock beer. If you want to reserve tickets online, then you better hurry because they won't last long!

These last 15 years have been quite the adventure for Dry Dock Brewing, and that sense of adventure can be tasted in every one of their nautically-decorated brews. Dry Dock was the first brewery in Aurora, established long before the craft beer boom of the 2010s had kicked into full swing. The brewery put itself on the map when it won Gold in the 2006 World Beer Cup, less than 6 months after opening its doors. Fourteen years later, the Amber Ale that brought home the gold is still a part of their main fleet of beers.

Although 2020 has thrown some curveballs at us, it's also really refined an appreciation for good beers. Beyond just being a celebration of good beer, anniversaries like this remind us that no matter how crazy things get, Dry Dock's ship is still sailing.

Which of Dry Dock's beers is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!