Bar and comedy venue to go dark on December 23.

Another one bites the dust. El Charrito in the Ballpark neighborhood is closing its doors after 56 years in business. The dive bar turned hipster hangout will go dark permanently on December 23, ending an era.

The business announced the closing on its Facebook page on Nov. 4.

“Don't be too sad, but rather think of the good times you might have had with us, and WILL have with us these next 7 weeks,” the November post said.

Owner Matt Orrin told local media that there wasn’t just one factor, but many that took its toll. Development of the Ballpark area led to a large, fast rise in property taxes that really hit El Charrito hard. The building will likely go up for sale next year.

Orrin and his wife, Esmerelda, took over the establishment in 2009 from the founder, and Esmerelda’s mother, Pat de la Torre. The couple transformed part of the bar into a comedy venue in 2010. In the subsequent years, Comedy RoomRoom became known as one of Denver’s best alt-comedy rooms.

Customers are understandably forlorn, leaving messages on the bar’s Facebook page like, “The only bar I’ve been to where the bartenders all knew my name,” and “Aw…this makes me sad because I just found you, and it’s been so fun.”

You have until December 23 to come and pay your respects to this longstanding Denver gathering spot. The Comedy RoomRoom Facebook page encourages everyone to come down and enjoy the bar while you can.

“Come see somethin. Help us rage, party, and laugh. Let's send this beautiful DIY space off into the ether in style!”

And, as we watch yet another Denver business fall to development, there’s not much we can do about the forward march of progress except hang onto the memories because that is all we'll have left of El Charrito.

That, and its parting words ... “Sorry if this bums you out.”

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