It's the Beefiest Day of the Year!

May 28 is National Beef Burger day. You can probably guess what the holiday is about. Like most holidays named after food, why not take this as a chance to chow down on some big, juicy beef burgers? 

Here are five awesome restaurants around Denver where you get high-quality burgers. From the creative to the excessive, to the just-plain-massive, check out these places to make sure your National Beef Burger day is appropriately meaty! 


Courtesy of Crave

Tempura-fried cream cheese and guacamole. Candied bacon and onion strings. Bacon, cheddar, and egg sandwiched between two glazed donuts. Everything on Crave's menu is an absolute adventure, and we wouldn't have it any other way. One burger substitutes a pair of grilled cheese sandwiches for buns. Another features all of the ingredients of a Cubano stacked into one towering, delicious burger. While you'll likely leave with plenty of leftovers, every Crave burger feels like the results of some delightfully unhinged burger mad science. 

The Piper Inn

Courtesy of the Piper Inn

Three words: Piper. Supreme. Burger. Seventeen more words: a fresh beef patty topped with pepper jack, fried onion rings, and a signature, authentic Cantonese sauce. 

The Piper Inn is a delightful blend of classic American bar food and authentic Cantonese flavors. While you wouldn't think of those culinary worlds as friends, the result is bar food that's on a completely different level. Their burgers are no exception; expect to see plenty of perfectly cooked American classics with a generous helping of Asian flair. 

My Brother's Bar

Courtesy of My Brother's Bar

You can certainly teach an old bar new tricks. My Brother's Bar is the oldest bar in Denver, but don't let that deter you. Each of their burgers is a carefully assembled stack of fresh ingredients. The Johnny Burger, in particular, is a Denver classic. Boasting plenty of fresh beef, and three types of blended cheese along with grilled onions, this particular burger is a part of Denver history for a reason: it's damn good! 

(For content, the picture above was the only picture we could find for this article, and we still ran with this entry. They're that good!)

Owlbear Barbeque

Courtesy of Owlbear Barbeque

Brisket. Burger. End of discussion.

Owlbear's signature brisket burgers are flavored with a house rub that blends coffee, celery seeds, sugar, peppers, and more. Each one is served on a Martin's potato roll with plenty of toppings, which includes an optional pork belly garnish. There's a reason that this restaurant makes a big impression on Denver foodies: it manages to deliver amazing meals (and then some) with every item on its delightfully eccentric list. 

Park Burger

Courtesy of Park Burger

Park Burger's appeal comes from their elegant delivery of the classic American burger. These include beef, bison, and turkey patties, along with fresh, high-quality toppings like pancetta and giardiniera. Come for the burgers, stay for the sweet potato and truffle-parmesan fries, and then stay even longer for another burger. Oh yeah!  

Bonus Entry: Bud's Bar

Courtesy of Bud's Bar

This restaurant gets an honorable mention because it isn't actually in Denver. Instead, you'll have to go to Sedalia to order from the purist burger menu that Bud's Bar offers. We're not kidding when we say "purist," because there are a total of four things on their menu: a hamburger, a double hamburger, a cheeseburger, and—you guessed it—a double cheeseburger. With an entire menu that's basically just designed to ask how many patties and cheese slices that you want, it's impossible not to admire their single-minded dedication. 

Hungry, yet? Tell us in the comments where your favorite place is to get a burger in Denver.