Make your Valentine's Day extra-spicy!

Valentine's Day is almost upon us! With restaurants resuming their indoor dining, a lot of us are in a mood to have a candlelit dinner somewhere besides our dining rooms. In the spirit of that, we're increasingly coming around to the idea of Thai food as the perfect Valentine's Day dinner. Here's why: 

It's Something Different

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Quiz time: when was the last time you had Thai food? We're not judging—it's just a reminder that it might not be in your usual rotation of restaurants. Since Valentine's Day only comes once a year, why not break out from the routine and try something new? 

It Makes for a Spicy Evening (Literally)

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We hope your partner likes both Asian food and puns because a good Thai dinner has enough heat to melt the contents of a chocolate box and the box that they came in. Of course, Thai food also comes with the benefit of being really, really delicious. Take your date to a good Thai restaurant to guarantee that the night will be hot, steamy, and spicy before you're even halfway through your main course. 

It Looks Great

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There are very few other cuisines that boast the vibrant colors and rich aesthetics of Thai food. Picking a good Thai restaurant for Valentine's Day means you'll have the upside of getting some super Instagram-able food pictures. It also means you'll be able to get some really Instagram-able couples pictures using the food as a backdrop! 

It's Great for Sharing

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Thai food enthusiasts know that one of the big advantages to ordering Thai food is you tend to get a lot of Thai food. This makes it perfect for sharing, and also means you can experiment with more of the menu by ordering multiple things and splitting them. There's nothing more romantic than your chopsticks clacking against each other as you tackle a mountain of Pad Thai or pineapple fried rice. Just don't fight too much over who gets the last spring roll!

Just Look at It!

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Seriously, just look at it! It's hard to think of another type of cuisine that makes the same impression on all five senses. At the end of the day, a good Valentine's Day dinner is about two things: the food and the person you spend it with. Picking a good restaurant is a great way to handle the second most important thing on that list.

Just to clarify, the No. 1 most important part is still dessert.

What's your favorite food to order on date nights? Sound off in the comments.