Do you like waffles? More importantly, do you like waffles with Oreos on top?

If you'll take your waffles any which way, then you'll be excited to hear Granby Waffle Shop at Slover is opening up this spring in the Norfolk, Virginia area!

And yes—you can eat waffles of all kinds there! All for prices below $10! Sign me up!

Granby Waffle Shop at Slover will be located at downtown Norfolk's Seldon Market. It is set to open by the last week of April, at the earliest.

Founder Brad Barzoloski has high hopes for this waffle stop after opening his Capitol Waffle Shop in Richmond. "We kind of like to do things specific to the area, so we'll have our version of Orange Crush," he said. Barzoloski is referring to the variety of imaginative items on the Granby Waffle Shop's new menu, which will include things like "Sex on a Waffle" cocktails, pickle waffles, and even those waffles with Oreos on top. Customers will be able to customize both waffles and milkshakes and experience monthly specials as well.

"People will get crazy with chorizo and bacon and Sour Patch kids on a waffle ... That one I haven't had. But it's great for kids. We've done charity events for kids at elementary schools where an entire grade can vote on their favorite waffle combination to be served at our shop, and then we donate profits to the school," said Barzoliski.

He even specifically talks about a certain waffle, saying, "We even have an RVA flavor that's pretty popular ... It's fried chicken with ranch, bacon, tomato, jalapeno and nacho cheese Doritos on it. It's something completely different that you wouldn't anticipate on a waffle. I've seen people just take that and fold it up, and eat it like a giant sandwich."

Think that sounds yummy?

Following the success of his Richmond shop, Barzoliski wished to expand his business. He recently partnered with James Colston, who is a veteran of Gold Key restaurants. Colston will help with the project at Slover. With plans having been set up in December, they're in the process of tailoring their decor to the location's space, which used to be Cuisine at Slover. The space, overall, has been built out over the past few months.

Sounds like they've made some good progress. With an anticipated late April homecoming, the Granby Waffle Shop can't come soon enough!

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