Have you tried their famous bowls with white sauce, falafel, or hot sauce?

A New York institution, The Halal Guys quickly grew from food carts to a nationwide network of restaurants serving simple, delicious halal favorites. 

The specialties of the house are a stuffed pita or a simple bowl of rice, salad, and a protein. Pick from hearty halal options like grilled chicken, beef gyro meat, or crisp falafels, all drizzled with a tangy white sauce.

Feeling adventurous? Try it with a DROP of the unbelievably hot sauce that looks like a simple ketchup packet. No joke, there are actual YouTube challenges about eating a big serving of their hot sauce in one sitting!

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Website: The Halal Guys

Because of the bare-bones menu, getting takeout from The Halal Guys is a painless affair. Imagine Chipotle with just a minimum of add-ons. Order for delivery and watch it arrive faster than a pie from your local pizza joint.

I go for the classic combination bowl which comes with seasoned rice, a bit of salad, chicken, and gyro meat. The classic white sauce is sort of like tzaziki but without the cucumber crunch. It's the perfect thing to tie all of the ingredients together.

The Halal Guys, bowl, baklava

Photo by Sarina Petrocelly

If you're craving something sweet to round things out, the baklava is a hefty chunk of phyllo dough drenched in honey and layered with tons of chopped nuts. They also have chocolate chip cookies and a range of sodas as well.

From the New York streets to brick-and-mortar stores all around the country, The Halal Guys combine a magical mixture of simple foods and convenience for a must-try takeout experience. For more information or to find the location closest to you, visit their website.

Are you a big THG fan? What's your favorite order? Do you use the hot sauce or toss it out? Let us know in the comments!