Five different vendors bring you a myriad of delicious options at Streatside, the latest addition to the NoVA food hall scene.

You won't have to choose between sweet and savory, spicy or mild. You can get ramen, poke, katsu, açai bowls, ice cream, and more, all under one roof. In an area known for authentic Korean food, Streatside brings a great pan-Asian experience to the table.

Walk around and order your dishes then stake out a table in the central dining area. You'll get a number for your order and you can wait or have the food brought directly to you. 

ADDRESS: 6345 Multiplex Drive | Centreville, VA
PARKING: Free surface lot
ONLINE ORDERING: | Pick-up only
INSTAGRAM: @Streatside_thefoodhall

Streatside, exterior

We were generously treated to some of their best-selling dishes. Here's what we tried:

Cloud Latte

Imagine a lovely, milky iced latte. Now plop a cotton candy cloud on top. That's what you get with this Instagram-worthy drink. Once you've taken your photos, simply push the cloud into the coffee to sweeten it. Deeelicious!

cloud coffee, iced latte

Açai Bowl

This generous version of a health-food option is topped with fresh fruit and berries, housemade granola, and a drizzle of honey. This is definitely a treat you can feel good about.

acai bowl

Katsu Combo

Traditional Japanese katsu is a thin cutlet, breaded in crispy panko and fried. Streatside takes it a step further and fills each morsel with delicious ingredients like cheese and fiery kim chee. The combination order lets you try one each of three different varieties. We had the cheese katsu, the cream cheese and chicken katsu, and the kim chee-filled katsu.

fried katsu

Drizzled with spicy mayo (you can also use traditional katsu sauce or wasabi mayo) on a cup of rice with some creamy corn. These were crispy and delicious—kind of like a re-imagined Asian croquette.

katsu, rice

Bulgogi Creamy Pasta

This gorgeous pile of pasta is topped with a generous layer of savory bulgogi, mushrooms, and chopped scallions. If you love Korean BBQ, this beautiful fusion dish will really hit the spot.


Strawberry Bingsoo

A good bingsoo is a pile of shaved ice, delicately flavored with syrup, toppings, and fruit. The Streatside Strawberry Bingsoo is absolutely adorable and sweetly decadent as well. Strawberry ice cream is nestled against a berry-flavored shaved ice and decorated with cereals, cookies, and pink chocolate Kit Kats. You can't leave without trying one!


As we photographed, we sat down with the social media director, Young Hwang, to talk about the general concept of Streatside.

"We started out catering to the younger crowd and quickly realized that Centreville is a highly residential area and we were seeing more and more families," Hwang said. "We do our best to have something for everyone, from the ice cream for the kids to our unique fusion dishes and of course, drinks from the bar." 

I completely agree—the dining area was full of families and small groups of all ages on a Sunday afternoon. Because you have a variety of vendors, you could appease everyone from a coffee snob to the adventurous eater. Personally, I can't wait to go back and try the ramen and their spicy chicken buldak noodles and honey bread!

Another draw is that they are a stone's throw from the Centreville Multiplex. Next time you go to a movie, skip the popcorn and head to Streatside afterward instead!

For more information about Streatside Food Hall, visit their Facebook page or website.

**All of the photos in this article are by Tony or Sarina Petrocelly.

Have you tried any of the dishes at Streatside yet? What did you think? Drop a line in the comments and let us know!