Have you ever had a craving for authentic Mexican food, but feel like there are just too many options to choose from? We've got you covered.

Sometimes, people are creatures of habit when it comes to food. They like to go for what they know rather than try something new or different, which I totally understand, but it's such a shame because they're missing out on some pretty remarkable (and delicious) cuisines. But we're here to help you expand your palate and give your taste buds a little something special.

On certain Denver streets, you'll see a Mexican restaurant on practically every other corner. Now, some people may think it all tastes the same simply because of the sheer number of Mexican restaurants around. But don't let appearances deceive you. In fact, one such restaurant is Fritangas, which has two locations – Denver and Aurora.

While you may not get the atmospheric experience that a fancier restaurant provides, you will get some of the most authentic Mexican food you can find! Plus, the employees are always extremely friendly and they will make sure your food comes out exactly as you want it, down to any special orders you may need. And if something comes out wrong, either due to food allergies or miscommunication, they will make sure to make it up to you in order to keep your business.

Fritangas' food is made from quality, fresh ingredients, and they don't skimp on the portions either. When you order a full meal, it won't feel like you just ordered an appetizer. With such a large variety in the menu, even your pickiest eaters will find something they like. Check out the menu here.

I recommend the steak fajitas as the first dish you try, then you can take some sopapillas home for later.

Too many people miss out on lovely meals because of things like appearance or location. At Fritangas, you will find a quality restaurant with skilled chefs and quality customer service. Don't let appearances deceive you and cheat you out of a great meal. I hope you give Fritangas a chance, and I hope you enjoy your experience with them.

Have you been to Fritangas before? If so, share your experience with us in the comments below.

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