With a fierce food truck presence and following around Hampton Roads, The Bumbling Bee now has a brick-and-mortar restaurant in Virginia Beach.

My restaurant reviews are devoted to local Hampton Roads small businesses—not national chains or franchises. I want to highlight start-up restaurants in our area. As a community, they need (and are deserving of) our support. This month, we're visiting The Bumbling Bee

The Bumbling Bee is dedicated to a diverse vegan menu of socially responsible, delicious, creative, and cleverly named menu items, which are full of flavor. But don't fret: all "foodies" (not just vegans) are welcome at this quaint and eclectic eatery. 

While visiting the Sly Clyde Cidery in Hampton, I saw a food truck featured that piqued my interest: The Bumbling Bee Food Truck. I am sure if you're a beer, wine, or cidery patron around Hampton Roads, you've likely seen this vibrant food truck.

Bumbling Bee Vegan Food Truck Hampton Roads Virginia Beach Restaurant General Booth Blvd.

The Bumbling Bee Food Truck (Courtesy of Facebook)

Out of curiosity, I googled The Bumbling Bee food truck and, much to my delight, learned they'd opened a brick-and-mortar in my neighborhood, at the South End/Red Mill area of Virginia Beach. With an additional location and food truck in Boulder, Colorado, these Bumbling Bee women are quite the impressive entrepreneurs.

There was no question that I had to visit The Bumbling Bee, as I was drooling over the photos of their food. And while I'm not vegan, I invited my girlfriend who is for lunch—not only to enjoy her delightful company, but also to ascertain her opinion of their food.

The Bumbling Bee

The Bumbling Bee Virginia Beach Vegan Restaurant

Photo Courtesy of Facebook

The restaurant is as darling as I imagined it would be, with a comfy couch sitting area, a wide variety of Bumbling Bee souvenirs, and a huge chalkboard dedicated to clever vegan sayings. After you order at the counter, you can choose from multiple seating options and wait for your meal to be served. The service is impeccable, as the staff is passionate about their food. 

The portions are quite large, so we decided the best way to enjoy our food was to divide everything we ordered. This is what we ordered from their diverse menu (descriptions courtesy of The Bumbling Bee):

Jamaican Jerk Nachos:  Mile high stack of spicy Jerk Jackfruit loaded on corn tortilla chips, drizzled with house cheese sauce, pineapple mango slaw, and cilantro garlic aioli

The Bumbling Bee Vegan Jamaican Jerk Nachos Virginia Beach Hampton Roads

Photo Courtesy of Faith Jacobson

Oh so addictive, these Jamaican Jerk Nachos feature jackfruit, which, I have since learned, has the same consistency of pulled meat. The nachos have a delightful bee sting of jerk spice that is balanced when scooped along with the slaw and sauce. We couldn't help but go back and nibble on these spicy Jamaican Jerk Nachos even after we'd finished the rest of our meals. They passed my girlfriend's discerning vegan palate with flying colors. 

Mother Clucker:  Southern Fried double-dipped Chickun with pickles, house aioli, and tangy coleslaw with a side of creamy mac and cheese

The Bumbling Bee Mother Clucker Southern Fried Chickun Sandwich

Photo by Faith Jacobson

Step back, Popeyes and Chick-fil-A, with your silly chicken sandwich war. The Mother Clucker has you both beat, hands down. This delicious fried ChickUN sandwich, topped with pickles and the most creamy and fresh coleslaw, is oh so delicious. My girlfriend had to remind me that the perfectly fried ChickUN and creamy mac and cheese side were all vegan (I think this was a continuing reminder throughout our meal). Oh, and I so loved that creamy slaw (hint-hint, BB—maybe add it as a side item? Just buzzing ... er, clucking ... er, saying! 

Montreal Chickun Gyro:  Massive. Mouthwatering. Featuring Honest Pasture Montreal Chicken in a garlic oregano grilled flatbread. Finished with creamy garlic tzatzki, juicy tomatoes, crisp romaine, cucumbers, and red onions with a side of hand-cut fries

Bumbling Bee Vegan Restaurant Food Truck Virginia Beach Chicken Gyro Vegan Foods

Photo Courtesy of Faith Jacobson

I always like to look at other people's food when I am new to a restaurant, as I might want to order what "they're" having. Two young women were eating at the table next to us, and the gyro looked so good, we had to order it. Now, trying to cut a gyro in half isn't an easy task, but it can be done when two hungry girls are determined. The ChickUN, tzatzki, and veggies all wrapped up was a mouthful of yum with every bite. 

The Bumbling Bee is a definite must-try! The food is out of this world, the restaurant is unique, and the service is friendly, helpful, and ready to explain anything! It's a fun eatery with a passion! 


Have you tried the Bumbling Bee? If so, what did you think? Let us know in the comments; we always like to know what you're thinking.