From indulgent sipping chocolate to marshmallows-galore, here are five shops doing hot chocolate right in Baltimore!

Is there anything more comforting than a mug of hot chocolate? With its warm, creamy texture, it makes the perfect companion for cold-weather strolls while looking at holiday lights or huddled by a fireplace. It seems every place sells it, but with their foodie reputation, it's no surprise Baltimore knocks it out of the park with deliciously imaginative takes on the popular beverage. We scoured the city's bakeries, cafes, and creameries to find the best hot chocolate, and we think you're all in for a big treat. So drink up!

The Charmery

hot chocolate

The Hampden ice cream shop sells quirky flavors like Fat Elvis and Old Bay Caramel, as well as a deliciously dark hot chocolate. For their cocoa, they make it in house and top it generously with whipped cream and a slab of homemade marshmallow. Enjoy a cup of this rich cocoa after strolling through the neighborhood's Miracle on 34th Street. We assure you it's worth every calorie.

Address: 801 W 36th Street

Stone Mill Bakery

hot chocolate

As a European-inspired bakery, Stone Mill's ethos is all about craftsmanship—everything is made in house with fresh ingredients with no preservatives in sight. For their hot chocolate, they use French-imported Valrhona Chocolate ,and the result is downright heavenly. We recommend pairing it with a classic croissant or danish for the perfect morning pick-me-up.

Address: 3600 Clipper Mill Road, Suite 121

Pitango Gelato Fells Point

hot chocolate

Along with authentic gelato, this creamery offers a squisito hot chocolate that will transport you to the finest Italian coffeehouse. Using only three simple ingredients—raw cane sugar, Domorichoc Vidama chocolate, and milk—their "sipping chocolate" is a decadent drinking experience all on its own. If this sounds too rich you can also get it with steamed milk, but any chocolate addict needs to try this at least once.

Address: 802 S Broadway

The Bun Shop

the bun shop

The Mt. Vernon cafe specializes in buns from all over the world, from savory pork buns to empanadas. Besides their scrumptious selection of sweets, they also offer a fantastic hot chocolate befitting of its international menu. Try their classic hot cocoa or go "hot" with the spicy hot cocoa. If you're hit with the craving, they are also open until 3 a.m., making them a great spot for night owls or college students looking to hit the books.

Address: 239 W Read Street

Spro Coffee

hot chocolate

If you're more of a minimalist with your hot chocolate, Spro Coffee has what you'll need. The Hampden cafe offers the classic drink using housemade ganache, creating a sweet but streamlined flavor. For a spicy touch, you can't go wrong with La Mexicana (Mexican Hot Chocolate) which uses a heavenly combo of cinnamon and chili. Customers rave about mixing hot chocolate with their favorite coffee for a custom mocha. Pure genius if you ask us!

Address: 851 W 36th Street

**All photos courtesy of Facebook

Where do you like to go for hot chocolate? Are there any places we missed? Let us know in the comments!