Once the world gets back to normal, visiting The Lake House Kitchen + Tavern will feel like a much-needed vacation. 

There's a certain timelessness to it. Nestled on the side of the Johnson Reservoir, the Lake House Kitchen + Tavern sits at the edge of city life, offering quiet patio dining where customers can come to eat, socialize, and reflect at the end of a long week. 

Started in early 2020 by longtime friends and restaurateurs Kate Wessel, Kevin Wessel, and Mario Vega, The Lake House Kitchen + Tavern was intended to be a comfortable and familiar destination for the nearby Littleton community. The restaurant's owners have touted it as a "staycation", a chance to experience interesting food and scenery while still remaining close to home. To this end, the restaurant's main feature is a massive patio overlooking the reservoir. Watching the water from one of their tables is relaxing enough that you can almost smell the sea breeze. 

The restaurant's menu has been carefully curated to fit its atmosphere. Their signature dish is an absolutely mouth-watering fish-and-chips combo. Scarfing down some of their specialty fried fish with a side of thick-cut fries and a selection from their wine list is a great break from the hustle and stress of daily life. 

In addition, The Lake House Kitchen + Tavern offers a comprehensive beer list that keeps in line with its theme. Owner Mario Vega prides himself on offering both "city beers and lake beers" as a way of bringing the restaurant's staycation philosophy to life. 

In light of social distancing guidelines, the restaurant has adapted its policies but still remains committed to offering a fresh and friendly experience. Customers looking to experience its fish fries or order a whole Henny Penny fried chicken can arrange for curbside pick-up. Any takeout orders placed this way save a whopping 20 percent on their entire order! The Lake House Kitchen + Tavern offers delivery through GrubHub

Additionally, The Lake House Kitchen + Tavern is offering gift cards for customers eager to experience its fine patio dining later this year. 

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