Select locations in Maryland and Virginia are already taking reservations.

Waffle House isn’t exactly the restaurant you would think you need a reservation for, except for one day of the year. Each Valentine’s Day, the Waffle House pulls out all the stops to create a one-of-a-kind experience. White tablecloths, candles, and music turn the popular breakfast restaurant into a romantic Valentine’s Day destination. The Waffle House even has special logged merchandise you can buy for your big night out.

The special date night began in 2008 at a Waffle House in John’s Creek, Georgia. The evening was so successful that other stores began replicating the experience. This year, more than 200 stores in 21 states will be participating. In addition to the dressed-up tables, each restaurant may add in a few special menu items. Fans can visit the website to buy pink t-shirts and hoodies with a heart in the place of the “o” in House.

The Waffle House is known for its signature plate-sized waffles and breakfast items, including grits, hash browns, and a t-bone steak. The regular dinner menu at Waffle House consists of burgers, pork chops, melts, chicken sandwiches, and steak, all good options for an affordable Valentine’s dinner.

Waffle House Valentine's Day

Waffle House restaurants have a reputation for being open to diners when most restaurants are closed. The term "Waffle House Index" was coined by FEMA to describe the level of disruption from a storm. During storms and disasters, the restaurants are sometimes the only business operating, sometimes without power.

To place your reservation for Valentine’s Day at Waffle House, visit the website. Find a participating restaurant near you and call the representative listed to secure your reservation. Then, on the big day, don’t forget to share your waffle date on social media so the rest of us can see what we missed.

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