This locally owned restaurant offers homemade authentic Mexican food—including fresh, mouth-watering tortillas made daily.

As the bell rings upon entering this quaint establishment, the aroma of freshly made tortillas attacks your senses. You can purchase fresh flour, wheat, or corn tortillas, packaged by the dozen. These tortillas won’t last for days in your home as they don’t have any preservatives like store-bought tortillas. In fact, they may not last until you get home if you’re prone to snacking in the car.

Tortilla La Autentica is family owned and operated right in downtown Loveland. This is the perfect spot for a quick, delicious, and affordable meal. Place your to-go order for a variety of authentic Mexican favorites. The morning crowd enjoys breakfast burritos (sausage and egg or ham and egg) until 11 a.m.

Those ordering lunch or dinner can select from a range of burritos including pork green chili, chicken mole, chicken chipotle, and barbacoa. Tacos and enchiladas are also available. If you’re needing to feed a crowd, Tortilleria La Autentia offers containers to go: refried beans and rice, shredded beef/barbacoa, or tamales. (Note: Tamales are offered only on Fridays.) Top it all off with a sweet Mexican dessert: flan or buñelos (crispy tortilla sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar).

“We live in Loveland and love the 4th street destination. This place has owners who care about what they do... and their food is terrific AND inexpensive. My favorites is the Chicken Chipotle and hubbies is the barbacoa. We both agree the Green Chili is a must as well.” (tugboatbow,

While there is no indoor seating, customers enjoy to-go meals at the patio tables on the east side of the store. Or better yet, grab a few burritos and enjoy with friends and family on a blanket on the grounds at the Foote Lagoon Amphitheater (within walking distance).

Tortilleria La Autentia also offers a variety of bottled beverages and packaged snacks from Mexico. Grab a Mexican Coca Cola, made with real sugar, and Bimbo Panque Nuez (Pecan Pound Cake) to complement your meal.

Courtesy of Facebook, Photo by Tortilleria La Autentica

“Grab a Burrito. Anytime I go to Loveland, I try to make it [to] this gem for their burritos. This place is also called The Tortilla Factory & Cocina and they use their fresh tortillas for their grab-n-go burritos. I order the shredded beef burrito smothered in green chile. The meal is less than $4.00 and is the most satisfied I've ever been for the money. Taco Wah? Taco Who?” (Trev’s Tastes,

Is your mouth watering yet? I'm happy to share my family's favorites with you before you head right over to place your order. We all anticipate the perfectly soft and fresh flour tortillas; while these tortillas complement any Mexcian meal, they're simply divine straight out of the package. The texture is spot-on, and the flavor has a subtle saltiness. We prefer flour tortillas overall, but the Tortilla Factory's corn tortillas also pack flavor into the soft package. 

And the burritos ... oh, flavor-packed burritos! Tortilleria La Autentica offers a range of options, but our top picks are the Barbacoa and Chicken Chipotle. Both have just the right amount of spice and seasons to savor in every bite. The Barbacoa adds a sweetness to the rich shredded beef. And rich, tender chicken is complemented with the tangy chipotle seasoning in the Chicken Chipotle. The burritos are assembled to order and wrapped in foil to easily grab on-the-go.

It doesn’t stop at fresh tortillas and filling burritos. Tortilleria La Autentica offers unique gift and collectible items to complement your home. 

So what are you waiting for? Head to the Tortilla Factory on 4th Street in Loveland, Colorado. Take a selfie with your burrito and be sure to mention your favorite flavor and how much you enjoy #tortillafactory!