Aqua S hopes to open by the end of the year in Hampton Roads.

Known for its distinctive flavors and gourmet accouterments, Aqua S is a popular ice cream shop "down under." The menu features flavors like raspberry mascarpone, milk tea, and black sesame. Aqua S currently has two U.S. locations, Houston and New Orleans, with plans to open another location in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. The new proprietors discovered Aqua S while on vacation in Australia and were inspired to save up money for their own franchise stateside. 

Like most soft-serve ice cream shops, Aqua S cycles through a menu of seasonal and classic flavors. What makes it different is how it is served. It’s no surprise the land that brought us fairy bread also brings us frozen concoctions topped confections like fairy floss (cotton candy in America), caramel popcorn, and roasted marshmallows. The black cone in which the ice cream is served highlights the whimsical flavors and ice cream toppings. 

Aqua S Fairy Floss

Aqua S’s signature flavor is sea salt, a blue-tinted soft serve that combines the sweet with the salt. Fan favorites also include matcha (like the tea), lychee, and black Hawaii, a dark chocolate covered coconut. The Australian locations claim to have featured more than 100 flavors since inception. Guests can have it in a cup or a cone, dress it up with toppings, or just grab a tub of their favorite flavor to go.

The Aqua S shop is known as an Instagrammer's dream. Walls painted with dreamy clouds, glowing neon signs, and plenty of selfie-worthy shot locations. The pricing at Aqua S is also a bit higher, but reviewers see a visit to Aqua S as more of an experience. Aqua S Virginia Beach will be located in the Hickman Place Shopping Center in Virginia Beach.