Urban Sombrero: Yes, it's from Seinfeld.

Sports bars in the Denver Tech Center (DTC) aren't a rarity, but they're all just a little bit 'traditional.' Luckily, we stumbled into the Urban Sombrero – which much to our surprise – isn't a traditional Mexican joint but rather a green chili-soaked sports oasis with a rather tempting burger menu. And yes, they got the name from Seinfeld when Elaine put the hat on the J. Peterman Catalogue.

Unlike the show, though, Denver's Urban Sombrero is anything but a flop. The DTC location is the second location to open after over a decade of serving excellent Mexican food, burgers, and margaritas to sports fans. In fact, they're so serious about their margaritas they only use real lime juice – the only way to do it.

Needless to say, it's a welcomed departure from the usual, less-than-desirable mixed or well drinks you're generally subjected to when the game is on. 

As for their food, we highly recommend giving their burgers a try. Not only are they creative, they are definitely a step above any sports bar in the area. 

We were told that the secret there is fresh, all-natural, grass-fed beef. Of course, if you're feeling like something a little more south of the border, they offer a variety of Mexican classics, too – which, if they're like anything else on the menu, have got to be solid. 

It only seems natural, then, that a place "combining the spirit of Old Mexico with a little big city panache" would exist right here in Denver.

All we can say is that if the Rockies or Broncos are on, we're there. 

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