The 14-hour lines sparked a brawl between customers.

In-N-Out Burger has been struggling to live up to its name in Colorado. The opening of the first two locations in the state prompted 14-hour-long lines, which ended up with a fight between waiting customers.

The California-based burger chain opened one location in Colorado Springs and one in Aurora last week. It was in the Aurora location where the 14-hour-line formed, causing heavy traffic in the area. (OCN brought out our Street Machine for the grand opening—check it out!)

Before the waiting line reached the 14-hour mark, the Aurora Police Department tweeted out a warning about the long drive-thru wait times. At around 4:30 p.m. on opening day, the wait had extended to 12 hours.

The increasing wait time prompted police to prepare for any issues or fights that might occur among the thousands of customers eager to purchase their first In-N-Out meal in Colorado. Of course, an incident did occur between some customers; a brawl that ended up with one of the participants losing his pants.

The video posted on Twitter shows a group fighting in between their cars. At one point, one of the men involved falls to the ground and loses his pants in the process. A fifth person—presumed to be In-N-Out security—steps in to break up the fight.

The bystander who recorded the video claimed the fight sparked after one of the drivers didn't let a car cut in front of him in line. The Daily Mail reported the car cut in front of him regardless and the incident began.

Aside from this incident, no other fights have been reported inside the eatery or in line. Police tweeted on Saturday that the lines came down to an 8-hour wait for the drive-thru and a 1-hour wait for carry-out.

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