Breakfast is currently on the menu in about 300 Wendy's stores in the U.S.

Wendy’s has announced it will be adding breakfast to all stores across the country beginning in 2020. The new breakfast menu initiative also includes the hiring of more than 20,000 employees to handle the expansion in business hours. Breakfast at Wendy’s will include bacon, chicken, biscuits, and special Frosty creations. The company did not say if one or more breakfast items will be available throughout the day.

The hamburger chain first introduced breakfast in 1985 and once again in 2007. Wendy’s is one of the few fast-food hamburger chains without a breakfast menu in every store. Presently 300 stores in the U.S. serve breakfast, and the CEO feels now is the time to make breakfast a standard across the board.

"Launching breakfast in our U.S. restaurants nationwide provides incredible growth opportunities," said Todd Penegor, President and CEO of The Wendy's Company. "We are well-positioned to pursue it. We believe we have the right team and structure in place, and we put Wendy's fan favorites on our breakfast menu to set us apart from the competition."

The new breakfast menu will include a honey butter chicken biscuit; a Breakfast Baconator sandwich with eggs, bacon, and sausage; and the Frosty-ccino, a coffee-flavored version of the restaurants' popular Frosty shake. Right now, menu items served at stores with breakfast include steel-cut oatmeal, sausage and egg burritos, breakfast paninis, and seasoned potatoes. So regardless of whether or not a Wendy's store currently serves breakfast, it seems that they're upping their breakfast game across the board.

Wendy’s restaurant was created by Dave Thomas in 1969. The name and the logo of the restaurant was inspired by Thomas’s daughter Wendy. The chain is known for its unique square fresh hamburger patties and frozen chocolate Frosty dessert. It also serves up unique items like chili and baked potatoes, not normally found on a fast-food menu. 

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