The OCN Eats team stopped by Esters' Oneida Park location to get an inside look at the bar's welcoming atmosphere, classic dishes, and more.

Esters, which has two locations in the Denver area, strives to strengthen the community through "craft beer, great food, and atmosphere," making it very different from your average pub. 

Between its artisanal pizza, classic dishes, and daring new ventures in American pub food, you'll have plenty of delicious options to choose from. Esters also has more than 20 local craft beers on tap, which are constantly rotating, giving you the chance to sample a new brew every time you visit. Esters also makes for a great brunch spot, especially when you're able to sip on a mimosa as you relax on the outside patio!

Insider Tip: The Belly Sandwich definitely earns a "holy s#%t" reaction!

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