Yurt gonna love this!

Restaurants face a new dilemma as the weather gets colder. Outside dining and patio areas—which helped restaurants stay afloat during the summer throughout the pandemic—are no longer a viable option as the winter approaches.

An Italian eatery in Silverthorn, Colorado, has opted for a clever solution to maintain outside dining—yurts.

Sauce on the Blue owner Tip Applegate was not counting on reducing his capacity, especially with the winter season coming up which tends to be a busy season for restaurants. 

In an interview with 9NEWS, Applegate said, "No one wants to sit outside in the winter, it’s too cold. So we came up with this idea that we can put outdoor dining tables for every single person."

Yurt Dine In Colorado
Courtesy of Sauce on the Blue (website)

In order to do that, Applegate set up four yurts made for the cold weather. Each one can handle 120 mile-per-hour winds and 90 inches of snow. On the inside, the yurts are a warm welcome for customers, decorated with trinkets from local thrift stores. Each yurt also has its own heater to keep guests warm.

The idea is that if a family a six wants to go out to dinner, they can do so while remaining in their social bubble.

“They can have their family or party of six inside a yurt, and they can sit in there and have safe, comfortable dinner," said Applegate.

The idea seems to have worked, as the yurt reservations keep filling up. For more information on Sauce on The Blue and reserving a yurt, go to the restaurant's official website.

At the time of writing this article, Governor Jared Polis announced new guidelines and restrictions on various counties. Under certain levels, there will be tougher restrictions, like no indoor dining and only 10% capacity for gyms and retail.