With reasonable prices and wonderful flavors, Gathering Grounds is a coffee shop worth stopping for!

Snuggled in the bustling shopping area called University Mall, Gathering Grounds is a comfortable outlet featuring a variety of coffees, teas, and foods, including pastries, desserts, and even breakfast—like their delish grilled cheese sandwich (yum!). Prices are reasonable and well worth the flavors—trust me, your taste buds will thank you!

coffee and cookies

Courtesy of Gathering Grounds' Facebook page

Located at 10637 Braddock Road, in Fairfax, Virginia, Gathering Grounds is an ideal getaway for George Mason University students to study off-campus or meet up for group projects. It is a pleasant little shop, with its own unique decor: strands of lights adorning its space, a particular setup of tables and chairs, and a display of teas and coffees for sale. They've even had a bag of ground beans called "Defense Against the Dark Arts," and what's cooler than that?

Although mainly serving as your daily grind, Gathering Grounds hosts plenty of local events and celebrates special happenings through their drink flavors, such as creative Avenger character coffees and Insta-worthy seasonal art.


I went there a few weeks ago and immediately felt comfortable, not for one moment experiencing my usual coffee shop panic to find an empty table, shoulders killing me under the weight of my bag filled with books.

Gathering Grounds was crowded but offered enough space to allow me room against a wall, as I worked on my novel and people-watched. I witnessed an interview happen next to me (hope she got the job!), and employees graciously helped move tables around to accommodate a family there for lunch. I saw college students—earbuds in place—looming over computers while they busted out (what I assumed to be) essays, and a group on the other side of the room chat away in the shop's plush seats. The employees remained prompt and friendly, even recommending a tea I ended up buying.

Perfect for...

... college kids, family, anyone who wants to escape with a good book and warm cup of joe ... any coffee lover!

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Courtesy of Gathering Grounds' Facebook page

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