A Richmond-based animal shelter is “jumping with excitement” after one of its eligible pooches was filmed for a possible spot in the Wonder Woman sequel.

On Monday, July 9, Richmond Animal Care and Control (RACC) posted an exciting announcement on its Facebook page. According to the post, one of the RACC volunteers recently traveled to Washington, D.C., with a four-week-old pup named Blue Belle to shoot a part in the upcoming Wonder Woman sequel.

“Get ready to jump up and down with excitement! One of our incredible volunteers/fosters Lindsey Childress Guyer may have just taken RACC from Richmond to Hollywood,” the post read. “Hollywood, you ask? Yes! Roll out the red carpet because RACC dog Blue Belle just shot a part in the upcoming ‘Wonder Woman’ movie in D.C. with Lindsey this past weekend. We are giddy with glee! If the part makes the movie, we will plan a super fun release party (November 2019) and invite all of you. Go team RACC — Hollywood here we come!”

Blue Belle was hand-picked for the role by one of RACC’s volunteers who also fosters dogs for the shelter.

“Our volunteer sent me an email saying she had a part in the upcoming Wonder Woman movie where she is walking five dogs,” RACC’s director Christie Chipps Peters told Richmond Family Magazine. “She told me she had four dogs, but what a cool idea it would be to have one of the dogs be a shelter dog from RACC!”

Like most movie gigs, there were a few requirements to be a part of the film. The pup needed to be able to walk well on a leash, act civilly and friendly with other dogs, and have a temperament that would allow the pooch to do his or her job on the movie set. Peters eventually narrowed her search down to three shelter dogs, one of which was Blue Belle — an American bulldog and pit bull mix that’s been at the shelter since May.

“We found her running loose off Richmond-Henrico Turnpike,” Peters said. “She had some health issues that we treated.”

One of the three dogs was adopted before filming, leaving Blue Belle and just one other pooch to compete for the job. “Blue Belle has a super-good temperament,” Peters added. “She is great on a leash and is housebroken. She has an old soul. She’s relaxed. She’s just a nice, easy dog.”

To Peters’ delight, Blue Belle was a star performer during her time on set. “Our volunteer said she was really proud of Blue Belle,” Peters said. “The staff and the team on the movie loved her.”

Well, how about that? Will you be lined up to see Wonder Woman in theaters next November? Let us know in the comment section below!

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