These are the first ODU players to enter the NFL.

Touchdown! It's a big day for Old Dominion University (ODU) as two of their football players have been drafted into the NFL -- Go Monarchs!

Travis Fulgham, receiver, was chosen by the Detroit Lions with the 184th pick in the 6th round, and Oshane Ximines was chosen by the New York Giants with a 95th overall pick.

Both Ximines and Fulgham were the first Old Dominion University players to be drafted into the NFL in the 10-year program at the school -- This is monumental for Old Dominion University. 

“We are so very proud of our first-ever draft choice at Old Dominion University," Bobby Wilder, ODU's head coach, said in a statement. "Oshane deserves the opportunity to play in the NFL through hard work and dedication to his craft. He improved every year, has a tremendous work ethic, and is a great teammate. The Giants will be pleased with the overall value he brings to their organization."

(Ximines, left, Fulgham, right)

Courtesy of WRIC

Ximenes finished out the season with 12 sacks, 18.5 tackles, and four forced fumbles – an impressive record that landed the New York native his spot. He will play defensive end or outside linebacker for the Giants. 

Fulgham completed his season with catching 63 passes, 128 receptions, 18 touchdowns, and 1,083 career yards – a record that secured his spot with the Lions. He will be an edge rusher for the team. 

There were four ODU players on the NFL roster last week, and only two of those were chosen. Good luck, guys – may you have successful careers! 

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