Let's stop bucking around.

The 2017-2018 Broncos season is well on its way to being recorded as the worst in the Era of Elway. After all, the last time the Broncos lost six games in a row was in 1990 under Dan Reeves, and the last time they were shut out, gas was $1.10 per gallon, the top movie grossing movie was Home Alone 2, and George H.W. was in the Oval Office. So as we watch this Titanic of a season go down slow, we can't help but to angrily point fingers at the coaching staff, special teams, offense, defense, and the Duke of Denver himself. Okay, maybe we haven't gone that far, but I'm sure some are. Then, there's your friends and family smugly wearing their new Eagles, Seahawks, Vikings, etc., jerseys telling you how much the Broncos suck, and while you might agree, you're never going to stop loving the Broncos. You can, however, politely remind them and the turncoat Broncos fans that they should continue to hate on the Broncos because:

1. The Broncos have more Super Bowl rings than 23 of the 32 NFL teams in existence.

[gallery ids="27377,27378,27379"] Yeah, you remember: 1997, 1998, and 2015.

2. Their favorite sports media outlet Bleacher Report ranks them as the sixth greatest franchise of all time.

Broncos The Broncos may only have three Super Bowl titles, but they're no stranger to winning. The Broncos have 8 conference titles, 14 division titles, 22 playoff appearances, and an overall record of 459-386-10.

3. Because Barrel Man made other teams' fans look like sissies.

[gallery ids="27385,27384,27383"] Barrel Man was an aviation mechanic who began attending Broncos games in 1967, only missing four from '67 to 2012. But he's most famous for wearing nothing but an orange barrel, boots, and a cowboy hat -- even in below-freezing temperatures. It all began in 1977 when Barrel Man bet his brother $10 he could get on TV wearing nothing but a barrel, and the rest is history.

4. The Broncos' most famous cheerleader was Robin f***in' Williams.

[gallery ids="27386,27387,27388"] In 1979, Robin Williams showed up to a game sporting pom poms, boots, and a glittering mini skirt to rally 74,000 fans.

5. Because Terrell Davis played despite going temporarily blind.

[gallery ids="27390,27389"] During Super Bowl XXXII, Hall-of-Fame Broncos running back Terrell Davis was temporarily blinded by a migraine headache but went in anyway, and completed a play where Elway faked the ball to him before running into the end zone for a touchdown. We know we've missed some, like Elway's epic '86-'87 AFC Championship comeback (aka "The Drive"), the fact that Manning is one of two QBs to beat all 32 teams, and that a grassroots campaign saved the Broncos from leaving Denver in the '60s. So lend us your thoughts on the Broncos, Elway, Manning, or whatever you want in the comments below! [poll id="15"]  

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