LAKE FOREST, Ill.— Rookie quarterback Justin Fields is still number two on the Chicago Bears depth chart behind Andy Dalton but the former Ohio State prospect is making a quick first impression on his coaching staff.

In the second open practice of OTA's to the media on Wednesday, Fields had one of his best days in the brief time he's been a member of the organization. Fields stole the show on Wednesday afternoon at Halas Hall, looking sharp with accurate and strong throws to receivers in team drills building off of his strong rookie minicamp performance. Following practice, Fields was praised by his head coach for his big day and the mentality that he has in just his first six or so weeks being with the team.

"I thought he spun the ball well," Nagy said following practice. "And I think going back to your question about that deep ball down the sideline he has that mentality of rip your heart out. And so there were a couple of plays in there -- and not just today but other days -- where these quarterbacks are staying aggressive. And you got to see a taste of that today with Justin and he made the nice throw to Damiere [Byrd] down the sideline and that ball just took off."

The play Nagy is referring to was a beauty as Fields stepped up and delivered a strike down the left sideline to Byrd. The ball placement was perfect and hit Byrd in stride as he went into the end zone. It was a big play that drew a large cheer from the offense, helping give the young quarterback some confidence.

But while Fields' has shown the ability to be accurate in practices so far, that's not the only thing that's caught the attention of the coaching staff and media in attendance.

Fields hasn't been shy about taking command of the offense so far in the offseason. During rookie minicamp he helped get a receiver set up in the right spot, stopping the play to make sure he was where he needed to be. He did it again on Wednesday twice, following a false start and then right before a play where again, a receiver was not lined up properly.

While he's not taking reps, Fields is talking with quarterbacks coach John DeFilippo calling out the play before the snap as if he is the one running it. That's another thing that stood out to Nagy on Wednesday.

"So his command right now is what he does is he sits back there with Flip when Andy is running the show and he's back there repeating every word and he's flipping it and he's going through in his mind how to call the play -- like he's in the huddle," Nagy said. "The big part of that is getting the right personnel, understanding the formations, where's the ball at, it's on the left has, right hash, middle of the field, first wide vision. And so he's going through all of that. I thought today he had a real good day of seeing that."

It's very early in Fields' career but these are the types of things that you want to see from a young quarterback in your offense. Fields not only has the arm talent but he's in command and is learning each day even when he isn't receiving all of the reps.

His hard work and all-business mentality hasn't gone unnoticed by his teammates, either.

"You know, it's been a brief time that I've been able to be around him but he's definitely confident," Sam Mustipher said following practice. "He's just a confident guy. Very quiet, he goes about his work, doesn't really talk or say too much which is great. I'm a person who just loves to do his job, that's what I like to do. I think he does the same thing, I appreciate that about him."