The catchy children's song has taken Nats Park by storm. Fans and players alike drop everything to pay homage to "Baby Shark."

Everyone knows that when you're going to a game at Nats Park, you either wear your favorite player's jersey or something red. Lately, though, you'll see more and more people incorporating sharks into their game-day outfits.

Outfielder Gerardo Parra was going through a rough patch this summer when he decided to pick a new walk-up song. His choice? "Baby Shark," a cheerful ear-worm of a tune favored by his 2-year-old daughter.

The song has caught on so well that fans even come to games dressed as sharks. Shark hats, shark shirts, or even full shark suits are going to be the look of the season for this historic postseason run. It doesn't hurt that it's probably warm in those whole-body costumes!

Parra loves seeing the effect this movement has and how excited the kids in the crowd are for shark-themed accessories. He credits teamwork for the Nats' amazing run, but we all know his new theme song has more than just a little to do with it. For now, it looks like fans aren't going to give this up any time soon. One thing's for sure—the World Series will be a whole lot cuter this year!

What are your thoughts on this development? Are you all about the chomp and the excitement the new theme song brings? Let us know in the comments!