She beat the previous world record by over 9 hours. 

Laura Knoblach, an athlete out of Boulder, Colorado, has set a new world record in the Double Deca Ultra Triathlon. The 24-year-old ultra-endurance athlete spent the last month competing in the event, which is basically the equivalent of doing 20 triathlons.

For about the past month, Knoblach, along with several other ultra-endurance athletes, has spent her days swimming, biking, and running in a brutal, strength-testing race to the finish. The competition was held in Leon, Mexico, and attracted endurance athletes from all over the world.

When it was all said and done, Knoblach ran 524 miles, swam 48 miles in a pool, and rode a bike 2,240 miles—finishing in 633 hours, 41 minutes, and 39 seconds. Her time was over nine hours faster than the previous record-holder, giving Knobloch a new honor to add to her list. She broke not only the women’s world record, but also beat the men’s U.S National record by more than 10 hours.

The race is grueling, and at times cruel, leaving physical reminders, such as the chemical burns and severely blistered feet Knoblach is still recovering from.

Knoblach has been an ultra-endurance athlete for the last few years, after competing in triathlons and ultra-distance racing. When she was 22 Knoblach set another world record and was the youngest woman in the world to complete the DECA IRON race.

Knoblach is an alumnus of CU Boulder, and currently lives and trains in Boulder. She has developed a close sense of family with her fellow ultra-endurance racers, who support each other. It's not about breaking others down, rather the goal is to have everyone show their strength and drive to finish. There's a true community of people who become very closely bonded through training and competitions.

Knoblach grew up in Minnesota and has called Colorado home for the past several years. We are always proud of people who work to better themselves and accomplish new things. Congratulations to Knoblach on her new record. Our hats off to you and to all the athletes who get out there and give it all they have, and then a little bit more.

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