Broncos win! Broncos win! Broncos win! 

Was it a good game? No. Was it a pretty game (U-G-L-Y, you ain't got no alibi)? No. Was it a win? YES!!!

If you heard a collective rush of air fill the Colorado air last night, that was just Broncos fans finally breathing a sigh of relief as the team pulled off a win against the Jets, 37-28. 

Plagued by injuries, the Broncos have really struggled this season to get their feet under them. Luckily, the team came out on top of what some were calling "the battle at the bottom," with the loser taking the "worst team in the league" title. 

Sorry not sorry, Jets ... better you than us. 

There were some highlights in the game. Brett Rypien took his first starting snap at quarterback, and he had some bright moments for a first-timer starter. Brandon McManus once again was our lifeline thanks to that golden leg of his. Bradley Chubb added three crucial sacks to the game, ending drives that could have spelled doom for the Broncos. And Melvin Gordon had an impressive run game, solidifying the win with a 43-yard run to the end zone (accompanied by an amazing block by Rypien).

Probably the best "What the What?" play of the game was Jerry Jeudy's miracle catch of a pretty rough pass to pull off a touchdown. Honestly, his end-zone celebration was pretty much the highlight of the whole night.

Unfortunately, there were some low points, also. Rypien threw three interceptions, two of those picks coming back-to-back in a tight fourth quarter. One was returned for a Jets touchdown, putting New Jersey back in the game. 

"Well, it was up and down," Broncos coach Vic Fangio said after the game. "Obviously, I thought there was some good things. We hit some big plays, which is always important. Throwing three interceptions, you're not going to win many times in this league, but we found a way to win tonight in spite of that."

A win is a win.

And let's just be super honest here: will the boys in orange and blue be going to the Super Bowl this year? Nope (prove me wrong, Broncos, prove me wrong). But, the name of the game this year, particularly with a team that has gone through so many early changes, is improvement. Hopefully, the win is the beginning of a more-promising season. 

Broncos also signed veteran quarterback Blake Bortles last week, so it will be interesting to see what happens in the weeks to come.

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