We joined a sea of orange and blue today to remember Broncos icon, Pat Bowlen.

The Broncos Stadium at Mile High saw streams of people from all walks of life come together to honor the life of a man who has shaped the team that we all know and love. Folks took off work to don their favorite jersey, parents held up their kiddos to point out photos of their hero, and stadium workers regaled guests with fond memories they had with "Mr. B."

The Bowlen family invited the public out to the stadium for a tribute to Pat Bowlen, who passed away last Friday at the age of 75. The turnout was incredible. Lines upon lines of fans snaked around the stadium, all there to support the man and his family who did so much for the game and his community. Broncos president, Joe Ellis, wore an orange pin with the name, "Mr. B," and greeted fans at the door. Every single fan got a handshake and a photo. 

The stadium showed a tribute video to Pat Bowlen on the jumbotron for all to see. Game balls lined the entrance to the memorial. A grand piano surrounded by white roses and orchids played while fans were able to take a look into the life and accomplishments of future Hall of Famer. 


Trophies, photos, and jerseys were all on display. Superbowl rings and the three Lombardi trophies the Broncos won during Bowlen's tenure were marveled at and Bowlen's signature fur coat was prominently displayed.

Once fans circled through the documented milestones of Mr. B's life and career, they were ushered to an area where they could write a sentiment for the Bowlen family. Cards written by well-wishers lined the walls, expressing the impact that Pat Bowlen had on their lives. 

Pat Bowlen tribute

Courtesy of McKenzie Ridder

The Bowlen family was present to receive guests. As of now, the family trust has full control of the Broncos. We'll have to wait and see if any of his children take over in their father's stead. 

Did you make it out to the tribute today? What fond memories do you have of Bowlen's tenure? Let us know in the comments!