The I-25 derby was a fight to the end.

Last Friday, at the Denver Coliseum, the undefeated Colorado Blizzard took on the Colorado Inferno in what's quickly becoming one of the country's fastest-growing sports -- indoor professional arena soccer. It was the second installment of the I-25 derby (pronounced DAR-bee) -- which, for those of you who aren't familiar, "derby" is a term often used in the U.K. when two teams from the same city or region compete. The title "I-25 derby," then, was appropriately coined by Blizzard GM Gary Faircloth, a native of Swindon, England, and it proved to be a fight that echoed a Sheffield vs. Sheffield United rivalry. According to the official game recap, the Blizzard took an early 2-0 lead, but by the end of the second period, the Inferno went on a four-goal streak. The Blizzard then capitalized on an "elbowing" penalty issued to Inferno forward Thomas Hoang, and another penalty issued to Inferno player Allen Fairey for holding and dragging a Blizzard player to the turf. [gallery type="rectangular" ids="31973,31974"]   Eventually, with both teams tied 7-7, and with 2:54 on the clock, Inferno defender Josue Jimenez scored a late goal only to be answered seven seconds later with a beautiful lob-and-header goal flicked in by Blizzard forward Ryan McAleer. The goal sent the game into OT where Blizzard player Alex Moseley clinched the victory, 9-8, with a heroic sudden death overtime goal. Overall, it was a fantastic display of athleticism by both teams and definitely indicative of a budding rivalry between the two. The best part, though? Tickets were only $13, and that's about half of what you'll pay to see the Rapids. Not to mention, there's no worry about the weather, the ball stays in bounds (most of the time), the compact field requires and incites incredible displays of ball-handling, and with several goals per game, it's especially exciting to watch. Get a taste with highlights from the last time the Blizzard and Inferno faced off! If that sounds like something you would like to see, come root on the Blizzard, Feb. 3,  as they play against the San Diego Sockers.

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