Take me out to the ball game!

Your favorite baseball team is back next year, Colorado. The Rockies 2020 schedule has been released so you can start planning your summer nights under baseball lights. The Rockies' first game is March 26, 2020, against the Padres at San Diego. Their first home opener at Coors Field is April 3, 2020.

Firework shows are also planned for Fourth of July weekend and September 25, 2020. You can find ticket prices and more information on their website here.


Courtesy of Giphy

Colorado Rockies 2020 Schedule:

*Home games indicated in bold.

March 2020

March 26-29: at San Diego Padres
March 30-April 1: at Los Angeles Dodgers

April 2020

April 3-5: vs. San Diego Padres
April 7-8: vs. Texas Rangers

April 10-12: at Arizona Diamondbacks
April 14-16: at San Diego Padres
April 17-19: vs. St. Louis Cardinals
April 21-23: at San Francisco Giants
April 24-26: vs. Milwaukee Brewers
April 28-29: vs. Chicago White Sox

May 2020

May 1-3: at Philadelphia Phillies
May 4-6: at Detroit Tigers
May 7-10: vs. Cincinnati Reds
May 11-14: vs. San Francisco Giants

May 15-17: at Miami Marlins
May 19-20: at Chicago White Sox
May 22-24: vs. Philadelphia Phillies
May 25-28: vs. Los Angeles Dodgers

May 29-31: at San Francisco Giants

June 2020

June 1-3: at Arizona Diamondbacks
June 4-7: at Los Angeles Dodgers
June 9-11: vs. Arizona Diamondbacks
June 12-14: vs. Pittsburgh Pirates

June 16-18: at St. Louis Cardinals
June 19-21: vs. San Diego Padres
June 23-24: vs. Kansas City Royals

June 26-28: at Minnesota Twins
June 29-July 1: at Pittsburgh Pirates

July 2020

July 3-5: vs. San Francisco Giants
July 6-8: vs. Arizona Diamondbacks

July 9-12: at Milwaukee Brewers
July 14: MLB All-Star Game at Dodger Stadium
July 17-19: vs. Atlanta Braves
July 20-23: vs. Miami Marlins

July 24-26: at Cincinnati Reds
July 27-29: at Washington Nationals
July 31-Aug. 2: vs. San Francisco Giants

August 2020

Aug. 3-5: vs. New York Mets
Aug. 7-9: at San Diego Padres
Aug. 10-13: at Arizona Diamondbacks
Aug. 14-16: at San Francisco Giants
Aug. 17-20: vs. Washington Nationals
Aug. 21-23: vs. Los Angeles Dodgers

Aug. 24-25: at Texas Rangers
Aug. 27.-30: at Atlanta Braves
Aug. 31-Sept. 3: at New York Mets

September 2020

Sept. 4-6: vs. Cleveland Indians
Sept. 7-9: vs. Chicago Cubs
Sept. 11-13: vs. San Diego Padres

Sept. 15-16: at Los Angeles Dodgers
Sept. 18-20: at Chicago Cubs
Sept. 22-24: vs. Los Angeles Dodgers
Sept. 25-27: vs. Arizona Diamondbacks

Will you be checking out the Rockies next year? How do you think our boys in purple are doing this year? Sound off in the comments below.