Disclaimer for superstitious Rockies fans - ideas written in this article may make assumptions about Rocktober and should not be read unless you are willing to perform additional rituals.

We are not responsible for any consequences of or the inefficacy of your rituals.   There, I said it, now let’s talk ball. If you’re reading this then you’re well aware that the MLB season is right around the corner, and that means the talking heads are making forecasts. Meanwhile we’ll all be watching Cactus League stats like Gordon Gekko watches his stock prices. The real question is are the Rockies going to make the playoffs this year? I think so, and the reason is simple - depth. Despite what some may say about changes made in the offseason, the Rockies possess a fantastic rotation, and I think that with a few streaks the Rockies can easily be thinking ‘Rocktober.’ [gallery ids="9350,9348"] Supporting Jon Gray are a few guys who I think will make a name for themselves, including Tyler Anderson who hasn’t thrown too many pitches but shows some real potential with his cutter, four seam, and change combo. Couple that with similar performances from Chad Bettis and Tyler Chatwood and the Rocks may be rock hard this year.
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And let’s not forget about our other Rocktober ready weapons. The Rockies placed sixth in strength among all major league teams with Jeff Hoffman, Chris Rusin, German Marquez, and Jordan Lyles. We’re relatively young too. According to a study mentioned in the Boston Globe, the MLB pitchers often reach their peak performance between the ages of 25-30. This year’s rotation averages out at 28 years with almost half of the players at 27 or below. So we’re right in that sweet spot. All aboard the Rocktober train! It’s going to be good to be a Rockies fan. See you in Rocktober.

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