The Washington Justice is bringing Overwatch League to D.C., and there are tickets still available so you can see the esports phenomenon for yourself!

Overwatch League is now in its third season of esports competition, and this year, the games are traveling all over the world. So far, matches have been held in New York, Dallas, and Philadelphia, and the next set is coming to Washington, D.C.!

If you're not sure what the Overwatch League is, don't worry: you're not alone! At its core, it's the first major global esports league that features the popular videogame, Overwatch. In this game, players must pick characters with different skill sets to successfully fulfill the objective. To ensure a victory, teams must work together to either claim a point, take a point and then move a payload, or only escort a payload. Overwatch League currently has 20 teams that compete against each other to become the champions and win a nice chunk of prize money. Among the 20 teams, D.C.'s team, the Washington Justice, is one of the newest to join the league.  

Overwatch League's inaugural season was in 2018, and after major, unexpected success, plans were put in place to expand the league in 2019 with six additional teams. Washington, D.C., jumped on the opportunity to become home to one of the expansion teams, the Washington Justice. Last year, the Justice got to experience the electricity of playing in front of a stadium audience at the Blizzard Arena. Now, for the 2020 season, the matches are coming home, and you can experience that energy this weekend at The Anthem! With tickets as low as $30 for a day, you could take your kids, your friends, or anyone else you know would enjoy it. If you can't make this weekend work, no worries; there are more matches coming in March and April!

Washington Justice Status and Corey
Players Stratus and Corey enjoy an interview after their victory last weekend. Courtesy of Facebook

Whether it's your thing or not, esports is making its way into the mainstream. Since its launch, Overwatch League has been breaking barriers and making its mark as a sports organization. Between the influx of homestead games and the showings on Youtube Gaming, there are ways to enjoy this fun, engaging sporting event. The Overwatch League matches are entertaining and family-friendly, making them a great little day event for everyone!

Have you seen any Overwatch League matches? Will you be rooting on the Justice this weekend? Let us know in the comments!